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With the latest change made to the flight speed of projectiles, gameplay has started to feel a little bit sluggish, and there’s also the problem of how to manage to react to a projectile flying in at the last moment. We’ve decided to make a minor change to the mechanics of the Shaman, to get rid of this sluggish feeling. At the same time, we wanted to leave room for the player to be able to make a decision and prevent his unit from being affected by the Shaman’s influence.

  • There will be an increase in the flight speed of the Shaman’s projectile
  • The Shaman won’t be able to downgrade a unit instantly - instead he will stun the unit and then apply a negative effect, which will reduce the unit’s merge rank after a few seconds
  • The Shaman will have a chance, depending on unit level, of firing an enhanced projectile, which will lower the unit’s merge rank by 2, instead of one (increases by 2 in Dungeons)

These changes will help to prevent some problems that may have stopped players being able to act in time to get their units out of harm's way .


The Witch has proven to be a very strong unit - if the right unit of your opponent is hit by a curse, with a bit of luck she’ll bring you victory, even when there’s a dramatic difference in levels between opponents.

Because of this, we've decided to trim down the effective performance of this unit at the lower levels, so that it can be improved gradually with further upgrading, which also resolves the situation where a unit under a curse can’t inflict damage anymore. This is especially critical at the start of combat.

  • There will be a 50% chance of the healing effect being activated
  • The healing may now be critical
  • Healing from damage will be reduced: 90% → 40% (at level 7 with maximum mana boost), 110% → 96% (at level 15 with maximum mana boost)

We’ve also redesigned her talents completely for the first and second level boosts. One of these new talents will make the Witch an excellent support unit, able to compete with the Knight Statue in terms of effectiveness.

New talents:

Cruel Joke

The Witch releases 1 additional curse/enchantment. The additional curse will disappear 4 seconds after it takes effect.

Raven’s Gift

The Witch stops cursing your opponents and enhancing your allies. Instead, the Witch will enhance adjacent units by 15% of the enchantment effect. The enhancement percentage will increase in proportion to the number of Witch merges in combat. The strength of the effect does not depend on her merge rank. The bonus effects can be combined up to 30 times.


A Witch of merge rank 3 or above will turn into a random unit every 45 seconds and will activate its merge effect.

Unstable Magic

A Witch of merge rank 3 or above will gain an attack on two additional targets and a 3% chance of instantly killing a regular monster.

This means that the Witch doesn’t get an unequivocal advantage at the start of combat, which makes the battle more interesting as it progresses.


Now, this unit will no longer increase the chance of a critical attack, but instead will increase the damage for units in adjacent tiles. If this is area damage, the effect will be reduced. This is a property that would work perfectly with units that have a high attack speed, firing on a single target. This change will make the Grindstone much more useful at the start and in the middle of games, and it will make decks more varied, especially in combination with the new Epic Elemental Units or when played with the Wind Archer or Boreas.


Update 16.0 unlocks a new Dungeon chapter for the strongest players, ready to take on new challenges!

You’ll have to fight against new bosses who guard valuable treasures in the halls of the Eastern Temple! Among the treasures you’ll find some unique new rewards: a frame, an avatar and an emoji; and with them a legendary card, a magic crystal and so much more. You’ll also need to be prepared to face new mini bosses and new modifiers.

On the 10th floor you’ll meet the Monkey King. He runs and throws his staff at units, stunning them, and one of the units affected by this will have its merge rank reduced. The Monkey King is highly agile - he can’t be stunned but his critical damage will be reduced.

On the 11th floor you’ll find the Dark Priest waiting for you! He’s the master of curses. Every attack by the Priest will place a cursed seal on one of your units. Instead of inflicting damage, the units under the effect of the seal start healing their targets. Even after the Dark Priest has been destroyed, he’ll leave two more of these seals on the field. The seal can be removed by merging units.

On the final 12th floor, Kitsune will reach out to you with her claws. She’ll open up a portal behind her. Another random boss will emerge from this portal. It can be opened more than once.

As well as the bosses on the 11th and 12th floors, you’ll also encounter 2 new mini bosses: Blazing Burn and the Fortune Teller. The first will set units on fire with its attack. Those set ablaze will only be able to attack slowly, and will lose their rank when the burning stops. The Fortune Teller, on the other hand, uses her predictions to protect the monsters around her from instant killing. Sometimes the magical power is drained, and then she can’t protect those around her. The Fortune Teller herself can’t be killed instantly.

Added modifiers will be both positive and negative:

  • Enemy reinforcements. In the middle of the path, a second portal opens up periodically, and additional monsters emerge from it.
  • Slug Shaman. He reduces the rank of one unit at a time. He appears twice.
  • Power Surge. When there are more than six enemies on your side of the path, your unit damage will increase by 30%.
  • Meteor Support. With every five unit merges, a meteor is summoned, targeting the first enemy.

Other changes:

  • it will be possible to swap your deck for one of the prepared ones, directly on the partner selection screen
  • the phrases "Help!" and "Enough!" will be added to improve interaction with a supporting teammate during combat
  • the Dungeon rules will now provide more detailed explanation of how certain units in your deck will affect your choice of supporting teammate
  • the 8th floor has been made less difficult, and the 9th and 10th floors will be a bit harder
  • the recommended critical damage for completing the floor will be displayed
  • in terms of there being a minimum critical damage required for access, this restriction will only apply for the new floors. This is due to the fact that players who have low critical damage numbers will often exit from battle, in search of the best ally, leaving their partner to fight on alone.


Update 16.0 is bringing you a new and improved “Rush for Glory” event. We’ve changed the way you create your deck in this event!

  • Now, each player will be assembling their deck just before the start of the battle. Three units will be offered to you and your opponent, to choose from, for each slot.
  • After the deck has been selected, it’s the turn of the Hero. You can choose any of the three offered, even if you don’t have him in your account.
  • The sets of units, heroes and critical damage will vary according to the selected difficulty for the event.

You’ll have 30 seconds to put your deck together, after which random units will be added automatically in any unfilled slots in your deck, along with a random Hero. If you don’t have time to build a deck, and you want to get into combat quicker, you can press the “Random” button and the game will put together a random deck from the options available.

The heroes’ equipment and unit talents (if they are unlocked) will be selected automatically. The talents selected are the same for both players. The talents of your units can be viewed by holding your finger on their icon at the bottom of the screen.

Important! All existing tickets and event tokens are saved.


Each of the items will now provide additional bonuses to the Heroes’ abilities, and the existing stats are strengthened.


Battle Whistle further increases the damage inflicted by units when the “Combat Training” ability is activated.


  • Duration at first level: 12% → 20%

“Explosive Surprise”

  • Damage with level: 10% → 20%
  • Damage at first level: 10% → 20%


Ring of Rhandum gives an extra tile for the “Wind’s Speed” ability.

“Rain of Arrows”

  • Damage at first level: 10% → 20%

“Sherwood Hunters”

  • Duration at first level: 12% → 20%


Scroll of the Elements also increases the stun duration from the “Double Trouble” ability. The item parameter will now increase bonus damage from the “Energy Charge” ability.

“Power of Elements”

  • Damage at first level: 10% → 25%


Mana Power-up Flask now gives extra mana when "Costly Prank” ability is activated.

“Secret Technique”

  • Max. damage at level: 1% → 2%


The Rhandumization Key increases the damage inflicted by the anvil with the "Technical Breakthrough” ability. The item parameter increases bonus damage inflicted by the tile with the mechanism of the "Technical Breakthrough” ability.


Unstable Jelly increases the mana received from the “Major Experiment” ability.

“Perfect Experiment”

  • Increase in the health of the monster at first level: 10 → 60%


Ice Reflection additionally freezes the boss with the “Cold Welcome” ability.


  • Armor destruction at first level: 12% → 20%


Star Gaze gives an extra tile for the "Overload” ability.

“Lightning Storm”

  • Damage increase at first level: 20 → 30%
  • Increase in damage with level: 1 → 2%

A number of other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Errors were fixed where certain items sometimes increased the hero’s ability more than was specified in the parameter.
  • Item descriptions were changed for easier understanding of their effects.


Demon Hunter

After this unit was redesigned, it became the most popular unit with players and started to overshadow the other units that inflict damage. Together with the combination of the Shaman and the Witch at low ranking, this is the most popular deck in the game! We’re in favor of maintaining variety within the game, so we’ve decided to trim down the performance of this unit, especially for the low merge rank.

  • The unit will no longer make an extra hit on the first target
  • The attack speed interval is increased: 0.4 → 0.45


This unit has its own unique mechanism for using traps to weaken monsters, but if you're just chucking a net in some random place you won’t be able to maximize the full potential of this mechanism.

  • Now the Trapper can throw 2 nets at once, instead of just one
  • Armor destruction is combined from multiple nets, up to 300% of the base value
  • Armor destruction bonus per level: 3% → 5%
  • Trap duration: 5s → 6s
  • Net duration per mana boost: 1s → 1.5s


In recent versions, other damage units have overshadowed Dancer and now she is rarely encountered at any ranking value. After these changes, we think she won’t be weaker than the other units anymore, and once talents are available (in an upcoming version), she’ll also be a great fighter at maximum ranking.

  • Minimum damage bonus for number of units on the battlefield: 150% → 200%
  • Maximum damage bonus for number of units on the battlefield: 366% → 450%


Time to give the Engineer some new ammo! This is one of the most fun units in the game, and we think it could do with a bit of reinforcement. After all, in the game, fun needs to be our top priority!

  • Damage increase with level 12% → 14.5%
  • Damage at level 15 with all mana boosts increased by ~20%

Portal Keeper

A unit with a high power level was able to provide almost full invulnerability to negative effects and only one unit was needed for defense against 2 effects at once. With the changes to the Witch and the Shaman, this isn’t necessary anymore, so we’ve decided that the cooldown time should be increased with level, with the compensation of a small boost at lower levels.

  • Cooldown time when receiving: 12s → 10s
  • Cooldown time with level: 1s → 0.5s


The unit is performing very well at any level due to its merge effect, which is a bit stronger than we’d like, so we’ve reduced the active duration of the Rock Fall effect.

  • Rock Fall duration: 5s → 4s


At high levels, there’s no question that this unit performs very effectively. It’s one of the most popular units in many decks, and also has a very high victory percentage. Together with the item effects, this unit weakens the whole of the opponent’s field significantly, so we’ve decided to reduce the effective performance of the clock at high level in PvP.

  • The reduction in attack speed is passive when received: 4% → 2%
  • The reduction in attack speed is passive with level: 0.3% → 0.4%
  • The reduction in attack speed is passive per mana boost: 0.5 → 1%
  • Effectiveness at level 7, max. mana boost:

- 1st rank 6% → 6%

- 7th rank 18% → 12%

  • Effectiveness at level 15, max. mana boost:

- 1st rank 9.2% → 8.4%

- 7th rank 30.8% → 21.6%


Since the ancient times, everything on the Rhandum Island has been pervaded by the powers of the elements. Sometimes these elements even take on extraordinary living forms. This time, they have manifested as Earth Elementals and Cold Elementals, which have unique abilities, allowing them to enhance other units.

Earth Elemental periodically infects monsters, increasing poison damage if they receive it from any source, whilst also increasing its own damage. This means that the effect of units such as Ivy and the Alchemist will be considerably greater than before.

Cold Elemental inflicts area damage and periodically hurls an icy shard, increasing the damage received by the monster with each hit. In addition, if the Cold Elemental attacks monsters who are stunned, slowed down or paralysed, its damage is increased.


Since time immemorial, those who live on the Rhandum Isles have heard tales of a temple hidden right at the heart of the island, and stories of its strange inhabitants. Now it’s time to find out the truth that lies behind the legend and the identity of these mysterious creatures.

Meet the unit with a cast-iron strength of spirit, the Monk! The Monk is a warrior of the Kingdom of Light, and the power of his abilities lies in oneness - his unity with his fellow Monks. Following the principles of harmony, the Monks line up in a particular way to unlock additional sources of their inner energy, which will increase their effectiveness.

When Monks line up vertically, they gain an attack speed bonus, and when they line up horizontally, they gain a damage bonus! Any Monk who ends up in the center of this formation, right on the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines of Monks, will enter the state of Nirvana. As well as the bonuses for the vertical and horizontal formations, he’ll receive even more extra damage!

The Monk’s mana boost is as unusual as he himself is. It does not use up mana, but it does require a break before it’s used again. The Monk has talents based on cooperation, aiming to build up damage and develop defense and increase the number of Monks on the battlefield.

A fully ascended Monk has a higher chance of critical damage, and harmonious conditions allow him to enter the state of Nirvana and obtain an area attack!

This is his motto: Harmony in all things!



Review your best combat moments, analyze your opponents’ tactics, and improve your fighting skills - now you can access your battle recordings. You’ll find them in the “Battle History” section.



Once you’ve completed all of the exchanges in the Magic Lab, you’ll have the option of making additional exchanges for crystals. After some time, the ordinary exchanges will be available again, as game activity with them ends and restarts.

You’ll still be able to continue making ordinary exchanges at other available labs.

Gold in the store

The cost of gold is reduced in the store, for crystals.