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The inhabitants of Rhandum Isle are in for some real festive chaos. And not of the good kind! Someone has snuck in an extremely dangerous artifact, crafted by battle mages! Your job is to complete a series of quests and find it.

This event starts December 23. Don't miss this chance to get lots of prizes and a new legendary unit!

We'll tell you more about the unit a little later. We'll also announce the start of the event on all our social media pages.


Our game is constantly growing and changing, in large part thanks to you and your feedback.

Until now, some PvP battles could last up to 20-30 minutes when fighting with high crit and unit levels, or even longer than that under certain conditions. In our opinion, this kind of gameplay is a little tedious, as it prevents you from fighting a lot of battles and accumulating enough ranking to earn new rewards. Your reviews confirmed our suspicions.

Which is why we've made the following changes to waves and the mechanics of some bosses in PvP, in Daily Battles of the Clan Tournament and in events:

- Base health for mini bosses and bosses now increases much faster, starting from the 4th wave. The health bonus from monsters not killed yet remains unchanged.

- In addition to familiar opponents, we've added the Dungeon dwellers from the halls of the Eastern Temple: Kitsune, Dark Priest, Monkey King and King Pudding, plus the Fortune-teller and Blazing Burn mini bosses!

- Starting from wave 5, additional mini bosses appear. With each new wave, the time between the appearance of new mini bosses will decrease slightly. 
Why? This change is a way to test the durability of your deck. If you have been focusing on decks with a chance to instantly kill monsters (with Reaper, Necromancer or Hex), then the speed of your kills would give you a significant advantage. Now, mini bosses will make battling with these decks a bit more challenging, and bosses will be harder to kill before they use their abilities. That said, we are leaving the health of common monsters unchanged, or else decks with Demonologist or Mari would have been boosted too much.

- Starting from wave 6, double bosses will appear, and starting from wave 9, you will be dealing with triple bosses, with a short pause before each. However, a wave can't have 2 or more of these bosses at the same time: Kitsune, Grandmaster, Puppeteer. 
Why? Destroying a single target instantly is too easy, but the simultaneous appearance of several bosses would give decks with Meteor a significant advantage. We are still monitoring battle results and will adjust the boss appearance conditions if required.

- We've reworked the mechanics for Assassin, Grandmaster and Blazing Burn:

- The Assassin will use Eliminate only once, when entering the field. After using Eliminate, the Assassin will downgrade a random unit by one merge rank.

Why? Previously, this boss alternated his unit elimination ability with rank reduction. If we left it that way in the new version, this boss, at a high enough health level, would have been able to destroy the entire table. This boss should have a serious impact on the battlefield as a one-time occurrence. The longer he stays alive, the higher the chance of killing him, and the less he will destroy the table.

- Instead of putting units to sleep or swapping them, the Grandmaster will merge two units of the same merge rank and restore his own health.

Why? The previous mechanic did not have much of an impact on the table and was only fatal for decks with Dancer or Cultist. Other deck types just shrugged it off. Now, the mechanic will have a significant impact on all decks. You will be able to defend against the Grandmaster's healing. Before the Grandmaster uses his ability, a hand symbol will appear above a unit to indicate that this unit is going to be merged. Also, if a Portal Keeper is swapped with affected unit or a Dryad is merged with such unit, it will trigger the standard defense mechanic or increase the merge rank of the affected units.

- Blazing Burn will now additionally set units on fire when destroyed.

Why? With the current mechanic, quickly defeating this mini boss did not have much impact on the table and dragged out the battle. Now the monster has the same impact on the table as Bannerlord.

- Other mechanics changes:

- Slowing effects no longer stack. Now only one of the effects applied to monsters will be active: the one with the highest value, which cannot exceed 50%, apart from certain exceptions, such as special indications in Unit Talents.

Why? With the new boss mechanics, decks with a lot of slowing effects could have had a serious advantage and would have kept stalling the battle. This change means that having Frost and Ice Mage in your deck at the same time doesn't skew the balance or force monsters to stop in their tracks.

- Will there be other changes or will everything else stay the same?

We think there will be more changes. Serious changes take time, at least an entire rank season.

In some cases, changes might occur earlier. We'll be monitoring stats and if necessary, will make changes without waiting for the end of the season.


We've decided to expand the selection of spells and rework some existing ones. 

New spells:


This spell creates a copy of the last unit the player received from summoning or merging in a random empty tile.

Power Surge

This spell triples mana accumulation for 10 seconds. It will be useful during Plunder, where mana can run low, in Daily Battles for decks that need quick development, and under the effects of the Drought modifier.

These spells have also been reworked:

Now allows you to reroll a unit up to 3 times within a short period if you don't like the result.

Gate Defense
No longer reduces incoming damage to gates. Instead, sets fire to a path in front of the gate, dealing periodic damage to monsters that grows in proportion to the increase in monster health. The spell has been downgraded from legendary to epic.


Now this spell always targets the unit with the max merge rank on the opponent's table.


Duration increased to 5 seconds. Unit attack increased by 200%

In addition:

  • Significantly increased the number of spells that can be obtained from spell chests in the Clan Store.
  • Increased the number of spells that can be obtained as rewards in the Tournament Warm-up.
  • Decreased the cost of spell chests sold for gold from 4,000 gold to 1,500 gold.



This unit falls short of the most popular units that deal damage, especially when not leveled up. It struggles during the early stage of the game. We've decided to increase its attack speed and buff it for the duration of the battle.

  • Attack interval is now shorter:0.8 → 0.6


The damage increase, combined with wave control, used to make this unit practically an essential part of any deck. We're reducing the impact of armor destruction and slowing from several nets, leaving 2 net throws on the field.

  • Мax armor destruction is now less powerful: 300% of initial value → 200% of initial value
  • Trap slow is now less efficient: 30% → 15%
  • Max slow is now less efficient: 50% → 45%


The Gift of the Raven talent. Decks focusing on a large amount of merges become way too overpowered in terms of damage at a very low cost. So we've decided to slightly reduce the attack increase bonus.

  • Damage bonus from enchantment is now less significant: 15% → 10%


It’s the strongest unit at the moment. Also, it has perhaps the most powerful talents of all the units. At the same time, the first talent increase feels weak and boring. We've decided to improve the Robot's first talent increase and less popular talents while simultaneously weakening higher level talents.

Stun Rockets talent

  • This now also activates when the Robot appears on the field
  • Stun is now shorter: 5s → 3s

Cryo Rockets talent

  • Now also activates when the Robot appears on the field
  • Rockets now deal more damage: 600 → 1200

Rocket Salvo talent

  • In addition to the talent's base mechanic of granting a 25% chance of merging a Robot who has a light bulb, you get an extra part

Pure Energy talent

  • Mana bonus for merging is now smaller: 150 → 100

Tough Tuning talent

  • Damage bonus per part is now more significant: 1% → 2.5%

Arms Race Talent

  • Rockets now deal more damage: 600 → 1200 
  • The Robot's damage increase per 10 parts has been reduced: 100% → 25% 
  • Increased rocket damage per 10 parts has been reduced: 300% → 100%

BRG 1000 talent

  • Laser now deals less damage to monsters and bosses: 500%/1000% → 300%/600%


Also one of the strongest units in the game, with a high win rate at higher levels. We slightly reduced the damage increase per charge as Tesla levels up. The damage numbers with a lot of charges made this unit more powerful than any other, except only for the Robot. Naturally, when we change the Robot, we also pay attention to its main opponent.

  • Damage bonus per charge per level is now less powerful: 20% → 15%

We also slightly improved a rarely used talent, Energy Power-up, which you choose less often than the other in this pair.

Energy Power-up talent

  • Now also activates on charged Teslas when a boss appears


It got a boost to its less popular talents, and the more interesting second Ascension talents swapped places with the first level talents.

Empire's Fall talent

  • Monster stun duration is now shorter: 3s → 2s

Berserker Madness talent

  • Berserker phase duration now lasts longer: 15s → 20s. The phase also activates when a boss appears

Growing Power talent

  • Damage bonus per attack is now more significant: 5% → 10%. Damage increase limit is now bigger: 300% → 400%


Like Minotaur, it received a boost to the less popular talents. One of these talents has been completely redesigned.

Burning Comet talent

  • The radius has increased to that of a regular meteorite, with a bigger chance of a sphere appearing 35% → 40%

Blazing Speed talent

  • The talent has been completely redesigned. Now it's known as: Falling Star The overheated Meteor has a 35% chance of sending out an extra meteorite to a random location when merging

Magma Surge talent 

  • Damage from missing health is now higher: 20% → 25%



This unit never ceases to impress! Everyone looks for her and loves her abilities, but hates her low damage and frequent summons at the start of battle.  The Dryad is one of the most consistently popular units. 

With the addition of talents, she will likely be in practically every deck, which will greatly reduce their variety. To avoid this situation, the Dryad's mechanics have changed slightly. When the Dryad helps increase a unit's merge rank, this unit gets a temporary attack speed reduction.

Now let's talk about her talents!

  • When she gets her first talents, the Dryad summons forest fairies. When merged, Dryads with fairies increase the damage of all units on the field or summon more Dryads and get extra mana.
  • Subsequent talents raise the number of Dryads with fairies on the table.
  • When merged, talents at Level 13 give the Dryad the ability to throw magical fruit at allied or enemy units. Merging the Dryad with fairies also dispels negative effects on your unit.
  • With the final talent, the Dryad is able to get a rare golden fairy. Merging the Dryad who has the golden fairy raises the merge ranks of your other units twice. The golden fairy has all the previously selected fairy effects, which also apply when merging.


Now the Frost places a frostbite effect on monsters caught in the blizzard. The frostbite effect deals periodic damage to monsters, and each repeated blizzard further increases this damage!

And there can be no winter without the talents of our Frost King! 

  • His first talents let you freeze your opponent’s mana acquisition or all the monsters on your field for a short time.
  • Level 11 talents increase the chances of triggering new effects or increase their duration.
  • Level 13 talents either create an ice rink on your opponent's field, which speeds up the monsters' movement and destroys traps, or place protective ice armor on your opponent's monsters.
  • With the final talent, the Frost King appears on the battlefield and periodically freezes a random enemy unit for a time!


The Order has been fractured! Which power will prevail? Who will be victorious in the battle of Good and Evil? The answer to this question lies in the talents of one of the most popular units:

  • Starting at Level 9, Inquisitors gain the ability to appear as Knights of Light or Darkness.  These warriors receive extra damage for each defeated boss or build up power by periodically taking the merge rank of other Inquisitors. 
  • Level 11 talents are geared toward protection. They allow you to surround yourself with an impenetrable aura or clear negative effects when entering an active phase, as well as increasing damage or attack speed.
  • Your choice of a Level 13 talent affects your battle strategies. Decide when the Inquisitor gets damage and attack speed bonuses: either when she's alone, or she is leading a multitude of units.
  • The final talent equips warriors with the Hammer of Faith, a crushing weapon that periodically stuns enemies and deals significant damage.

The Inquisitor gains new abilities as she gets new talents. Since this unit was already rather strong, the addition of talents would make it the only choice at higher levels. 

For this reason, its stats have changed:

  • Level 7 damage has been increased: 127 → 137
  • Level 15 damage has been reduced: 669 → 515

So the unit has grown a bit stronger at levels 7 and 8 but weaker in damage when it has no talents at levels where they are available.


Dungeon Improvements

  • A new Out of Luck modifier was added that reduces critical damage by 25%. You will encounter this on floors 10–13.
  • The Can't Improve modifier has been adjusted: The Spirit Master now stays at the mana-boosting level it was at when the modifier was enabled.

Balancing Fixes:

  • Later waves on the first floors are now easier.
  • Later waves on floors 12 and 13 are now harder.

Battle History

We're expanding what you can see when you view your battle history. Now you can view not only your past battles, but also replays of players from different arenas and leagues, as well as battles with specific units! 

To see battles with a particular unit, you'll have to unlock its information in the deck building section.