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This version introduces only some of the changes planned for upcoming updates. The second part of the changes, aimed at resolving the time zones issue, is under discussion, but will not be implemented in Update 19 or 20, as a significant amount of time is required to make these changes.

Let's take a look at what's waiting for you today:

  • All Tournament stages have been reduced to four days. They now begin on Wednesdays instead of Thursdays, and end on Sundays.
  • We have increased the points multipliers that depend on the ranking and the current day of the Tournament.
  • The Clan Store is now available in the fifth Arena, regardless of the Tournament stage or clan progress. The Store will be fully updated on Wednesdays.
  • The number of daily Plunders has been increased to two. And the maximum number of points received from Plunders has been increased to 35%. Plundering is now possible starting from the first day of the Tournament.
  • Starting mana in Daily Battles has been increased to 250.


  • You can now use Spells starting from the first wave.


  • Added two new epic defenders: Monkey King and King Pudding.
  • The number of bosses you can select as defenders has been increased to 7. A separate, final wave has been added, where two boss defenders appear at the same time!
  • You can now edit and test your defender squad formation outside of the Tournament. For convenience, we have moved defender access to a separate section.

Epic Card Request

  • You can now request epic units on Saturdays and Sundays, in addition to rare and common units! As before, request frequency and number of requested units depends on your Arena.



  • Minimum initial damage is now lower: 334 → 295


The latest changes to units have significantly increased the Cultist's win rate and popularity, allowing for win rates of over 55% for level 7–8 units even before getting talents. For this reason, we decided to decrease this unit's damage at lower levels. However, this unit is still a confident fighter at high levels, so changing the base damage will affect its performance at level 15, but not as much as at lower levels.


  • Minimum Earthquake damage is now lower: 180 → 130
  • Maximum Earthquake damage is now lower: 420 → 290


This unit currently has one of the highest win rates (up to 70%!) both among units with talents, regardless of Ascension, and among level 7–8 units prior to getting talents. It's the strongest unit at lower levels aside from the Banshee, which we'll discuss below.

The changes to Earthquake damage are intended to affect the effectiveness of this unit overall, not just its individual talent.



  • No longer deals percent damage to enemies when receiving a charge. A charged Tesla now has a 15% chance of hitting the first target twice when attacking. An overcharged Tesla has a 30% chance instead.


In later waves, these units rarely receive a charge, and after we changed the wave balance, they have started suffering more from bosses and the Bannerlord. These changes increase the effectiveness of the latter talent against targets with high health levels.


Tough Tuning:

  • Damage increase per part is now higher: 2.5% → 3%

Arms Race:

  • Robot’s damage increase is now higher: 25% → 32.5%

BRG 1000:

  • Laser now deals more damage to common monsters: 400% → 500%
  • Laser now deals more damage to bosses and mini bosses: 800% → 1000%


The Robot became noticeably inferior to other legendary units after we introduced triple bosses and changed monster waves. We put the Robot through some maintenance and upgrades, and now expect this unit to run like clockwork! Other solutions, such as weakening decks or mechanics that play with the Robot (like the Clock of Power), would have significantly reduced the unit's effectiveness.


  • Minimum initial damage is now much lower: 500 → 125
  • Proc interval is now shorter: 0.5s → 0.25s
  • Orb gain delay is now shorter: 20s → 10s
  • Damage bonus per Orb is now much higher: 10% → 35%


  • Damage increase for each Banshee in the chain is now more significant: 5% →10%


  • Damage increase 25% → 35%


The Banshee has the highest win rate for players with low critical damage but isn’t as good among players with high critical damage. By increasing attack speed, decreasing unit damage, and improving orb collection, we are allowing players to reach maximum power a bit later, at the cost of reduced starting damage. This will help balance out unit strength for new players, compared to other damage dealer units. To compensate for the lower effectiveness at lower levels, we have strengthened the talents for level 9 units.


Magic Circle:

  • Merging units in a circle now grants 100 mana, as well as additional mana equal to 20% of the summoning cost.


The Circle of Curses talent is significantly more popular than the Magic Circle talent. With this change, we are increasing the popularity of the latter.

Clock of Power

  • When merging, the number of units whose speed is increased or decreased now depends on the Clock's merge rank (2 units per rank).


Not only is the Clock one of the game's strongest mechanics for applying negative effects, it also has the ability to simultaneously remove multiple protective effects from opponents. To keep this effect occurring at random and reduce the overpowering impact on the opponent's field, we decided to cut down the number of negative effects applied.


Frost King:

  • The Frost King now spawns with a 10-second delay, rather than immediately after disappearing from the table.


With the latter talent, this unit makes life too difficult for your opponent during the first wave. This can create situations where the opponent has bad luck with their initial units and spends 30 or more seconds without receiving mana, which leads to automatic defeat. We are happy to see our players trying out different victory strategies and experimenting, but the current mana limit is too frustrating in a battle where a player can't do anything. For this reason, we decided to reduce the Frost King's control over this effect, while still allowing the player to win due to the randomness effect and tactical Frost merging.


Falling Star:

  • You can now send an additional meteor even when merging without an Orb of Flame.


  • Orb transfer chance is now lower: 25% → 20%


  • No longer destroys a random enemy unit and instead lowers its merge rank by 3.
  • Fixed an error in the description: Chance of an additional Orb increased: 10% → 20%


The Meteor is a strong unit that requires skill to use. At maximum Ascension, it has a very high win rate, on par with the Minotaur. This is not a coincidence, as these units are often used in the same deck.

We are tweaking the unit's level 11 talents to balance out the talent selection, and nerfing its level 15 talent so that players can still have a chance to counter Meteors even during later waves. Destroying a unit in one go is super cool, but a drop from rank 6 to rank 3 during the 10th wave will also keep your opponent on their toes.

Attention! The following changes have not made it into this version and may never even see the light of day. However, we are still making various tweaks to make your gaming experience better, and have decided to let you know why these changes made it onto our list.

Monk: This unit has a very high win rate at the maximum upgrade level, but at levels 7–8, its performance is average or even slightly below the desired parameters. We are discussing possible ways of making this unit a little stronger at lower upgrade levels and less overpowered at the maximum level. Since testing at all levels takes time, these changes did not make it into Update 19.0.

Spirit Master: Spirit Masters are just as good as Monks at higher levels and have a unique Mana Power-up mechanic that they can use at more levels than other units. The unit's mechanics at high crit levels give you huge damage values. We are looking into moving unit forms to level 9, in order to showcase unit changes as early as possible. We are also discussing a way to reduce the crit impact on unit effectiveness. Otherwise, there will be no alternative ways to play if crit increases further. For the same reason, we haven't added shield mechanics to this unit, and there's a chance of triggering Cleansing.

Enchanted Sword: Currently the most popular supporting unit, along with the Dryad. We are also discussing various tweaks for this unit, in terms of both usability and popularity.

Boreas: One of the oldest units in the game and one of the first to get talents. Simply changing talents is not workable, and increasing the chance of transitioning to a given phase will just break the transition mechanics because the unit will always be in one phase or another, which doesn't look right. Because of this, the unit needs a major change, which is scheduled for a later update due to its complexity.

As we've said before, all units will get talents with time. We already have plans this year for one of the most popular offerings, the Demon Hunter.


It's no secret that equipment items are used unevenly, with some items valued much higher than others. We want to fix that and make equipment selection more extensive and situational.

Master's Bow 

  • Increases the player's overall critical damage bonus, rather than adding a static amount. At higher crit levels, the bow is now more useful than the spear in terms of numbers, but using the spear to increase the attack speed will allow damage to be distributed more evenly.

Knight's Sword 

  • The faction bonus increases damage to bosses and mini bosses, so you can use this item with decks that have trouble damaging targets with high health levels.

Knight's Armor

  • Changes the overall critical damage of the player's collection, instead of applying a static bonus.


  • The faction bonus changes damage to bosses and mini bosses.

Other changes to equipment

One-button item upgrade

Items can now be upgraded by several levels with a special button in the item window.

More information

The new Stats window now shows Enchantments and their final bonuses for different factions.


Tempering the Victors

When a boss or a mini boss is killed, all negative effects get removed from a random faction unit, while its damage and attack speed temporarily increase. Killing mini bosses provides this buff with a certain chance, and killing bosses guarantees it. The lower the merge rank, the higher the bonus!


Several new Enchantments have been added:

Pocket Exhaustion (common)

  • Creates zones on the opponent's field that slow the attack speed of the units within them.

Abundance (rare)

  • Increases damage to high merge rank units.

Morally Gray (epic)

  • Increases damage to your units when another player uses hero abilities.

Some Enchantments have been reworked:

Counterspell (epic and legendary)

  • Now works when you kill bosses and mini bosses.

Pocket Curse (legendary)

  • Guaranteed to curse a unit at the end of the round. The effect has a small chance of working on one additional unit.


  • Three completely identical Enchantments on wearable items boost each other. You can now see the result of this effect in your hero's stats section

Enchant your items and defeat your enemies. Don't forget that as the rank of an item grows, the chance of obtaining a higher enchantment rank grows as well!


Brawl at the Hero Tavern! The toughest troublemaker of Rhandum now has talents! Let everyone feel his rage!

Changes to unit mechanics:

  • When fighting against bosses, the Bruiser now deals up to 550% of base damage.


  • Level 9 talents will let the Bruiser put together a Lucky Clover, which increases his damage and attack speed when raging.
  • With his level 11 talents, the Bruiser will be able to either shake off negative effects or toss mugs at enemies, which will grant him more mana for winning fights with monsters.
  • The Bruiser's level 13 talents will improve his battle skills, allowing him to deal immense amounts of damage to strong opponents or easily dispatch large groups of enemies.
  • With his last talent, the Bruiser will transform into the Ringleader, capable of knocking out a boss with a single strike!


The referral program

A Royal Duck for the big company! Invite 10 friends to the game and get heroic items when they reach Arena 5.

The Royal Duck is a versatile heroic item and is suitable for any hero, increasing their morale rate by 5 units! It cannot be upgraded and does not drop from chests with heroic items. The Royal Duck will improve hero morale and help you stay afloat!


In the following versions, there will be significant changes both in morale accumulation mechanics and in heroes' abilities. Therefore, the item's stats may be adjusted.

Replay improvements

Battle records will become more varied. Use them to promote your ranking and receive new rewards. Try new strategies to win!

Epic gift

You have a chance to pick up epic cards for free at the Daily Store on the weekend!

Returning Heroes of the Week

Heroes of the Week are back! Getting an epic hero has never been easier! Here's what you should know about it:

  • There is now a 100% chance of rare or epic hero fragments dropping in the corresponding chest regardless of whether the token was used or not. Note that the average number of fragments corresponds to how many times the chests were opened with a token in the previous version of the game. Hero fragments of other rarities have been removed to prevent an increase in the value of the chest.
  • Note that using a token allows you to get the Hero of the Week, not a random hero.
  • In addition, now only 3 fragments are required to assemble a whole token.

Technical improvements

In Update 19, we have significantly changed the way calculations are made in combat, which should positively affect the following factors:

  • return to battle after losing your connection
  • higher FPS in combat for devices with weaker specs