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Some experiments by the Magic Academy scientists end up doing no good! Like those when the Shaman started summoning slugs instead of spirits, or the Magic Wand ended up broken. This time, too, they have made a discovery that allows us to say unambiguously:

— We’re not alone in this Universe!

— What? Dragons?.. What DRAGONS?!

Studies of the properties of space and time have led to portals opening into the Dragon Rift. A new world with its own rules and peculiarities is waiting for explorers, and additional research is promising to further increase the number of worlds thus discovered (in upcoming versions, if the Island’s Council lets the scientists live).

All the clans in whose territories these rifts are opening should start exploring the unveiled dimensions and holding off the malicious, sorcerous reptiles – Stormbringer and Soulcatcher!

What should the players participating in clans be expecting?

  • From Friday to Monday, there will be a new game event taking place – the Dragon Rift. During it, you will be receiving fragments of items as well as magical essence to be used for enchanting them
  • Every world consists of over a hundred battlefields that must be passed with the clan’s participation. In case of victory, you will be receiving Hunting Points. Explore Ancient Ruins for artifacts, Seals of Protection and keys for dispelling the barrier that is protecting the Dragon
  • Hunting Points unlock awards, while defeating a dragon – or at least inflicting some damage against it – allows you to receive additional prizes
  • All the unexplored terrain is shrouded in fog. You may use the Magic Eye to reveal more territory and lay out your path, or proactively survey the dimension by the entire strength of your clan
  • The difficulty of battles is increasing from one world to another; in the window shown before combat, you can see the crit value recommended for passing this territory and the rules that have effect within
  • If whole world has been completely explored, but your progress does not allow you to examine the next one, you may stick to doing battles in the Ruins, and receive reduced amounts of Hunting Points for victories in this territory
  • Fighting a Dragon is a separate challenge, where, apart from the familiar gameplay, the Dragon will be periodically using abilities that affect your field. Use the Seals of Protection that weaken these abilities, and take heed of the top part of the field where you will be able to see hints as to where an effect is going to be applied.

P.S.: We do not intend to stop here, and are already faring the ways to new worlds! So if anyone thinks that these dragons are easy game, beware the Lifestealer and the Blackwing who will surely pay a visit to our island in one of the future updates!


The Isle of Rhandum has not always been so bright and kind to its denizens. Here, every creature has their own interest, and their thoughts are not always fair. The Twilight Guardian, the Demon Hunter of nightmares... she has been maintaining neutrality for centuries, keeping Peace and Tranquility. But many battles against demons have left their mark. Every foe stricken down has pushed her further into the gloom, granting her darker and darker abilities. Meet the Demon Hunter talents!

Gameplay changes:

Now the damage that you were receiving after attaining 40 merge ranks has been split into two values:

  • after attaining 20 combined merge ranks, the Demon Hunter gains +25% to damage
  • after attaining 40 ranks, there’s an additional bonus of +50%

Therefore, you will be receiving additional damage a little earlier, which will be useful for new players, but the combined bonus will be maintained.


Level 9

The Demon Hunter gains increased damage after destroying particularly powerful foes, or join the dark side and start gaining power by consuming her own kin

Level 11

Talents grant the Demon Hunter a chance to get rid of negative effects, or sacrifice allies to empower herself

Level 13

The Demon Hunter gains the ability to launch hidden attacks, multiplying the damage she is dealing, or summon her dark reflection to the battlefield

Level 15

By unlocking the final talent, the Demon Hunter enlists the aid of nocturnal demons! She receives a bonus to crit chance in order to destroy the most dangerous adversaries


Change in Morale calculation formula

With the release of Update 20.0, the whole concept of Morale will be altered. From now on, all heroes will have their own unique cooldown time in seconds, and units will reduce it as a percentage depending on their level. The acceleration parameter now does not depend on the rarity or specific unit, and will be the same for units of equal level. Cooldown reduction will be 1% at level 1 and 8% at level 15.

! The Royal Duck heroic item will reduce the cooldown of the ability by 5%.


Jay's ability has a 40s cooldown, and the player's deck has 30% cooldown reduction.

The actual cooldown will amount to

40s - 30% = 28s.

New ability!

In Update 20.0, all heroes will receive the new ability – Second Wind, which is unlocked at hero level 20. This ability will allow, with a certain chance, to partially or fully charge the active skill of the hero immediately after using it. The parameters may vary for different heroes.

Hero abilities changes


Level 1

New ability: Crack Shot .

Jay begins to rapidly fire at the first target in its path, dealing area damage. The hero's arrows reduce the monster's armor and increase the damage from subsequent arrow hits against it. The critical hit chance of Jay's attacks will be increased

Level 5

The Wind’s Speed ability has been moved to level 5.

Spawns 4 wind tiles at random locations on the field. The attack speed of units inside them is increased.

  • Because the ability is made available earlier, the attack speed bonus has been reduced: 26.5% → 10%
  • Attack speed increase per level: 1.3% → 2%

Level 10

The new Sudden Shot ability has been added.

Units inside wind tiles have a chance to trigger Crack Shot during their attack, but the shots will be weaker. Weakened Arrows have the same basic effects as the Crack Shot ability – reduced armor and increased damage from new arrows against a monster.

Level 15

The Rain of Arrows ability has been moved to level 15.

When a mini boss or boss appears, the hero summons a Rain of Arrows that slows monsters in the impact radius and deals damage to them. Activating the ability temporarily increases damage and attack speed of all units on the field.

  • No longer increases the damage of archer type units
  • Damage and attack speed increase value has been reduced: 20% → 15%
  • Buff duration increased: 5 s → 10 s

The heroic item is buffed. Now, it also imbues the arrows from Jay’s active ability with damage that depends on the target’s current health.


Level 1

The Winter’s Kiss ability has been improved.

The hero freezes monsters and deals damage to them. In PvP mode, it also freezes the opponent's units; in Co-Op and single-player modes, it temporarily buffs the player's units. Each unit frozen or empowered by the hero's ability yields an Ice Shard that increases the damage from Winter's Kiss.

Level 5

The Cold Welcome ability has been improved.

When an enemy unit spawns, it has a chance to be frozen with Winter's Kiss in PvP. Also, the damage of all the player's units is increased for every Ice Shard. In Co-Op and single-player modes, Winter's Kiss has a chance to buff the player's unit when they spawn.

Level 10

The Best Served Cold ability remains unchanged.

Level 15

The Frostbite ability remains unchanged.

The heroic item has been changed. Now, a snowman will appear in front of the boss to block the way.


Level 1

The Major Experiment ability has been improved.

The hero throws a slug that dissolves the monsters onto the path, and then summons a large jelly to the side of the enemy. When destroyed, the jelly gives mana in proportion to the wave and spreads slime that affects the armor of monsters. In PvP and single-player modes, the player who has summoned the jelly receives mana, in Co-Op mode so does the ally as well. The armor of slimed monsters is increased in PvP and decreased in other modes. In addition, the large jelly now has additional health that increases with level, and provides more mana.

Level 5

The Unstable Connection ability has been moved to level 5 and changed.

When a mini boss or boss spawns, a slime projectile will be fired at it. All monsters in a radius around them will periodically also get covered with a layer of slime, and will get linked together. A portion of all damage taken by one slimed monster will be transferred to the rest of the chain. Area attacks are transferred once, and the damage calculated as percentage from the target's health is not transferred. Now monsters from different chains are combined into one, and transfer damage regardless of the source of slime.

  • The ability now affects bosses.
  • Because the ability is made available earlier, the damage transfer percentage is reduced: 20% → 12,5%
  • Because the ability can affect more monsters now, the damage transfer percentage per level is also reduced: 1% → 0.5%

Level 10

The Perfect Experiment ability has been moved from level 15 to level 10 and changed.

When a common monster appears, there is a chance to instantly dissolve it. Dissolving monsters with the hero's abilities summons a small jelly monster or, with some chance, a fast jelly to the side of the enemy.

Level 15

The new Toxic Slime ability has been added.

The Unstable Connection ability gains the property to destroy the armor of monsters. In addition, dissolving monsters with any of the hero's abilities leaves a slime trap underneath them, applying all the effects of the Unstable Connection ability to them.

The heroic item has been changed. Now, it grants a new ability to the large jelly: upon death, it throws slime at enemy units. This slime reduces the attack speed of affected units. The effect is temporary and afflicts 2 units.


Level 1

The Tide ability has been improved and aligned with the Mana Streams ability.

When activated, the ability grants units a temporary magic bubble that protects against one negative effect and increases the damage dealt by the unit. When such a unit merges, the bubble is transferred to neighboring units.

Destroying a bubble brings mana. The bubble now grants mana from both when copying units by a Harlequin, and when a Dryad merges up. The number of units under the bubble has been increased from 4 to 5. The duration of the bubble has been increased, and applying it again now refreshes the counter.

The damage bonus of units in a bubble has been decreased from 31% → 25%

Level 5

The Hidden Defense ability has been moved to level 5

Level 10

The new Power Surge ability has been added.

Units in the bubble have their attack speed increased.

Level 15

The Blessing of the Sea ability has been changed.

The critical chance bonus has been reduced: 3% → 2%

! Due to feedback, the parameters of the heroes that you’ve seen in the streams of content creators from the test server will be slightly weakened.

Interface Improvements

  • Each hero has received a unique active ability icon
  • Some heroes have received unique animations for the charged active skill
  • Added a window with information about the cooldown of the hero's ability and their current boost


First Victory Bonus

After attaining the rating of 4000, you will be receiving additional 30 trophies for first victory every day.

Armored Leagues

When attaining the rating of 5000 (League 4) and 6000 (League 7), you will be protected against losing!

What does it mean?

After you’ve reached these Leagues, should you be defeated by a stronger opponent, you will not lose rating points to drop below 5000 and 6000, respectively;

You can try different decks and talents, invent infinitely hilarious or weird combinations – but you will NOT lose.

What happens when the new season starts?

The same rules are active and they are not going to change. Your rating will decrease normally, as described in the game rules – there has been no change in this respect. The higher your rating at the end of a season, the more rewards you’ll be able to claim when a new one starts!

Why do all of this?

We value your time – it’s the most important thing you share with us by playing Rush Royale. We want you to be able to receive more valuable – and cool – rewards while expending less effort, and for that to happen, sometimes one needs a break, the ability to breathe and try a different deck (or sometimes to simply assemble something utterly crazy – and get away scot free - so be brave and bold!)


That said, we believe that these conditions might turn against you. For example, if this possibility had also appeared at the rating value of 7000, you would’ve been bumping into stronger opponents – and accumulating negative feelings – more often after having first reached that point. This is something we don’t want, hence our decision laid out above. We’ll keep monitoring the situation, too.

Good luck in battles!


We’re keeping up the effort of making defense effects and other mechanics more uniform, turning their workings simpler and heading to a common result. Our primary goal is creating variable mechanics and tactics that would be used to defeat an opponent. All the winrate percentages you can see further in this section are from pairing players with similar crit values and upgrade levels (taking talents into account). So if you think that the Monk is a weak unit, it’s likely that you’ve not found a correct tactic for him just yet.


Awakening Rage and Furious Brotherhоod

  • Now the attack speed is correctly calculated when a particular amount of Clovers is collected

Changed the base damage value and its increase with level

  • Damage at Level 7: 112 → 132. Increase per level: 28% → 20%


Winrate: 45% - 55% (from Level 9 to 15).

When the talents appeared, this unit became quite powerful, yet remained easy to use. We are buffing the unit for starting levels and decreasing damage increment with levels to balance its capabilities. Amending the talents has also partly offset this decrease in power, and made the unit slightly stronger at Level 9. Therefore the players with the unit of Level 7-9 will see its capabilities increased, while at Level 13-15 it will become slightly weaker.


Tough Tuning and Arms Race

  • Maximum amount of parts increased to 80
  • Arms Race damage bonus is increased: 32.5% → 45%


Winrate: 55% - 49% (from Level 7 to 15).

Despite the popular opinion of the Robot being a weak unit, it has a winning tactic that works. This tactic does not allow counting the Robot among weak units. At Level 15 it somewhat falls behind other units capable of dealing with its rockets. Increasing the amount of parts raises the Robot’s capabilities, allowing to accrue more significant damage.


  • The unit’s base mechanics have been changed. Now the Gargoyle’s form does not depend on the merge rank, and it may appear on the field in its stone form from the get go, granting area damage to common gargoyles nearby. As well, the stone gargoyle is no longer granting a shield against negative effects to adjacent Gargoyles.


Gargoyle is considered a pretty fun and unusual unit, but the complicated mechanics limit its use when the rating is low, and reduce its effectiveness when it is higher. We’ve reworked its mechanics, adding more control and making the use of different forms easier.

Defensive mechanics

In order to better balance aggressive and passive gameplay tactics, we are fine-tuning our approach to defensive mechanics. The changes will occur gradually, with the aim of reducing the effectiveness of defensive mechanics, since aggressive strategies are now the least popular among players. We stand for the maximum diversity of strategies and playstyles, but do not intend to “kill off” units, therefore the changes will be introduced gradually, and their effects closely monitored.



  • Activating a Power-up will no longer grant shields to Monks in intersections, but will still remove negative effects


Winrate: 45% - 60% (from Level 9 to 15)

Presently the Monk has one of the strongest defensive abilities in the game, which is largely due to the very simple condition for activation. We would not like to change the way the Tranquility talent is activated, since we consider the talent, as it is now, both convenient and thematically fitting for the unit’s mechanics. Yet, we cannot keep its efficiency as it stands now. Therefore we’ve decided to give up on the shield appearing on the talent’s activation, but keep the cleansing. This change means the users will still be able to use this ability to dispel negative effects cast on the unit, while preventing them from repeatedly defending against abilities like the Tribunal’s rank decrease.


Cleansing Sacrifice

  • The amount of Cultists thus cleansed is changed from 3 to 1


Winrate: 50% - 60% (from Level 7 to 15)

The Cultist, like the Monk, has a relatively simple condition for activating the talent’s ability, reliably cleansing units with negative effects – which allows to avoid the cases of the ability failing to bring a useful result. We want the Cultist to keep a consistent and reliable talent, but its effectiveness is clearly higher than the new approach is calling for. Therefore, we are reducing the amount of units cleansed.

Portal Keeper

  • No longer grants a shield to the teleported unit, but only cleanses negative effects from it.


Inquisitor <> Keeper.

Keeper <> Inquisitor.

Is that intriguing? No.

The Portal Keeper is considered the favorite epic unit among the players due to his defensive capabilities and the ability to position units in a way required to maximize the deck’s effectiveness. We’ve decided to remove the Portal Keeper’s shield from teleported units, while keeping the cleansing from negative effects. You may still remove negative effects like the Shaman’s rank lowering of the Virus’s infection, but you will no longer be able to continually sustain the shield on a Knight of Darkness.

Bug fixes


Arms Race

  • Fixed a bug causing the Robot to lose damage bonus at 55 parts


Knight of Light

  • Now correctly receives 2.5% damage per charge


  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to receive mana from the enemy demonologist summoning monsters


Bolstered Faith

  • The unit’s damage is correctly increased when receiving mana

Enchanted Sword

Ancient Magic

  • Fixed a bug preventing the Ancient Sword from transferring spheres when merging with another Sword


Sleep Arrows

  • Fixed the duration of slowing enemy units in PvP and increasing the attack speed of the ally’s units in PvE


Empire’s Fall

  • Stunning monsters no longer prevents them from using their abilities


Interface changes and bug fixes

  • The ability to modify your defense in clan wars is only available if all the defenders are alive
  • Spell management interface has been updated
  • Can no longer create a clan with a space as the last character of the name
  • Sorting players by point values in the Tournament is fixed
  • Fixed the bug with the ad view button being duplicated when unavailable for the Tournament’s battle of the day
  • Defenders, spells, units or heroes currently in use are now explicitly marked in the game’s interface to make working with them easier
  • When upgrading defenders, the frames are fixed
  • Potion descriptions fixed
  • The Contender and Champion shops are available among seasonal offers in the shop
  • When reaching Leagues, quick shortcuts to the lab and the contestant shops are displayed permanently
  • In the Contender shop, 5 lots of 250 heroic fragments are replaced with 10 lots of 100 heroic fragments each
  • The Epic tokens lot is removed from the Champion shop
  • Added the information about improving seasonal chests and other improvements you are getting when reaching a new League
  • You may now select a deck before fighting in the Royal Trials
  • In seasonal and game event passes, there is a new button that collects all available rewards. It becomes active when mass collection is available
  • The amount of available cores is now displayed for chests with possible selection
  • Sorting of daily and seasonal quests has been fixed
  • Volume slider added to the PC version of the game
  • Fixed minor visual bugs, amended the layout of the battle history screen