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Residents of the Rhandum Isles, a new event is waiting for you – the Beach Party! Get ready to receive gifts and have some fun.

The event starts on 20 July. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get unique rewards!


The lunar eclipse has filled the Well of Life with magical energy. The Great Forest, fed by the Well, has awakened, endowing its faithful followers with the ability to control the spirits of nature and affect the very destiny! The Summoner, the venerable Arch Druid of the Emerald Glade, has gained new abilities!

A change to unit mechanics

The Summoner's mana power-up allows you to replace the last unit he summoned with a random unit from the deck.

Unit Talents:

Level 9

Level 9 Talents will increase the number of units summoned and the number of replacements for units summoned already, and will also give the strongest Summoners the ability to transform into another unit.

Level 11

One of the Talents will save some mana to summon new units, while the other will make your opponent have to pay more to summon his units.

Level 13

Talents of this level will allow you to summon forest spirits that increase the damage of allied units or reduce enemies’ attack speed. The more spirits, the stronger the effect.

Level 15

With the latest talent, the Summoner will receive not only a new look, but will also gain the ability to temporarily increase the critical damage of the player's units and lower the critical damage of the opponent's units, depending on the amount of spirits accumulated.



In the bay of the Island, the Sea Dog’s ship is moored! This immortal pirate is trying to collect all the treasure in the world, and he’ll stop at nothing! A quest for ancient treasures and cursed amulets is waiting for you! Ghosts that paralyze with a touch, and a cannon salvo from all guns!

Meet the new unit from the Dark Domain - the Sea Dog!

Unit mechanics:

Throughout the battle, the Sea Dog is digging up treasure and getting stronger with every chest he finds.

Unit Talents:

Level 9

The chests that the Sea Dog opens will not only contain gold, but also restless ghosts who can paralyze your opponent’s units, and the Sea Dog himself can turn into a Pirate Captain.

Level 11

The Talents allow you to dig up treasure instantly or to summon monsters from the dark depths of the sea.

Level 13

Selecting a talent at this level will determine how the Sea Dog handles powder kegs: he can either drop them on incoming landlubbers or he can bury them cunningly on your opponent’s side.

Level 15

The final talent will summon up the Phantom Frigate, equipped with powerful cannons that will give surviving monsters no chance.

All aboard!

The unit will be available among the rewards of the Rush for Glory event.



Awakening Rage

Damage increase per clover has been lowered: 20% → 15%

Demon Hunter

Twilight Hunting

0.5% damage increase now occurs after 60, not 90 marks


At the high crit value, these are some of the strongest and most popular units at the moment. Especially Demon Hunter. As the player’s power goes up, the amount of accumulated damage due to stacks is increasing and allows the player to win more matches than other units. Changing these two talents will weaken the game at Level 15 with a high crit and give a smaller effect at the lower levels. 


Monsters are breaking out of the dungeons! 

Better expect the Unexpected:

  • The familiar monsters from the Co-Op mode will appear in PvP: bomb carriers, mana carriers, Gazers and Puddings. They will make waves of common monsters more varied, and turn fights more intense!
  • To reduce the duration of battles, the time until the boss on waves 6-8 will be reduced to 50 seconds, and starting from wave 9 - to 40 seconds
  • Starting with wave 5, monsters and mini bosses will take less damage with each new wave. Along with this, the appearance of enemies and the field will change

What’s all this for?

As we said earlier, time is the most valuable resource. And we would like PvP fights to not last 20 minutes or more. By participating in a larger number of fights, you will be able to achieve higher ratings and take more rewards. We’re on your side. Play and win!


The renowned Hero has undergone rigorous training and now he’s ready to prove himself on the battlefield! Who are we talking about? It’s the Trainer, of course! The very same Hero who met you and taught you everything at the start of your journey. 

Now his abilities have been given a significant upgrade and he's ready to teach your warriors some new techniques:

Level 1

The ability is improved and it’s been renamed as Combat Training.

The Hero summons a dummy on the path, blocking the movement of monsters and increasing the attack speed of the player’s units for a while.

Level 5

The Explosive Surprise ability has been moved to Level 5 and it’s been improved. 

At the end of the Combat Training ability’s duration, the dummy explodes, dealing damage in a radius around it. Explosion critical hit chance has been increased.

Level 10

The Team Boost ability has been improved. 

It increases the damage inflicted by the player’s units. While the dummy is on the path, the damage bonus is doubled.

Level 15

A new ability, Recruit Training, has been added. 

When a new unit appears, there’s a chance that the Hero will create a target at a random point on the path, applying bonuses to the player’s units from all Trainer abilities as long as the target is there. The target will be destroyed on contact with the monster. When a boss appears, a target will also be created.

The hero item has also been adjusted to match the upgraded ability.

The Battle Whistle increases the time that the dummy will stay on the path from the Combat Training ability, and also gives a damage bonus from the Team Boost ability. In addition, it also increases the damage inflicted by the player’s units while the dummy is on the path.



  • It’s now possible to view the battle history of the Dragon Rift event
  • Watch your best battles, share them in your clan, rate your clanmates’ combat!

Dragon Rift Upgrades

  • The interface for selecting spells and artefacts is improved, so now it will be more convenient
  • The starting tutorial in the Dragon Rift is improved and a tutorial has been added before the battle with a dragon
  • The battle interfaces have been adjusted, so now they show you more useful information