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Conversation fragment:
- Welcome, my lord! To what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?...

- Enough, Doctor Targ! I've heard rumors that you kept something from me in the report on the last expedition!

- No, no, we wouldn’t dare! We reported about all the most… mhm... important things.

- What “unimportant” things did you forget to tell me about?!...

From Dr. Targ's notes:

Dr. Targ is determined to continue his research, despite the obvious dissatisfaction of the Island Council’s members. It’s so interesting to learn what was once unknown and unusual!

We completely agree with him. We are sure that you also want to know more about the history of Flicker’s creation.

As we were designing the Dragon, we were faced with the most trivial, but important issue. What will he look like? What color will its scales be? Will he be scary, cute or scary cute?

It was necessary and important to correctly depict the hero’s personality, to emphasize that he is a peaceful little Dragon (although slightly flammable). That’s why we settled on softer and more rounded shapes and chose green, a natural color.

We're done with the appearance =) Now we had to decide on the game mechanics. We were looking for that zest that would make Flicker really unusual among other heroes. This very highlight was the presence of the Dragon on the playing field with additional “Tamagotchi” mechanics - feeding the baby to make him stronger.

In one of the first versions, the Dragon could move across the entire field and increase the ranks of allied units by eating ones the player didn’t need, but we decided that this replaced the Scrapper’s unique mechanics too much, which we didn’t want, so we decided to compensate for the destruction of units by increasing the flow of mana.

Also, one of the first ideas was to create a whole path on the field instead of just one tile with food. The little dragon had to move around it and eat to fill his belly. And so on until it becomes necessary to start feeding him units. But this idea was not destined to be realized, since it turned out to be too difficult to use and required a lot of player attention. Walking around in circles would have greatly distracted from the process of the game. But who knows, maybe we will see similar mechanics in the future =3

“Who are you? Got yummies?”

Be sure to meet Flicker in his natural habitat - the Dragon Rift event. Go on an expedition with your clans, take part in the hunt and collect rewards. Among them you will find the Dragon's fragments =)