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Strange things are happening on the Isle of Rhandum. It took just one night for the Isle's capital to be completely engulfed by the Magic forest. The houses have sunk into the undergrowth, and the streets have been flooded with never-before-seen creatures! The cackling of witches can be heard in the distance, and the lampposts keep flickering on and off - mostly off. Fog is creeping through the streets, taking on bizarre forms. The air carries twinkling fireflies, as well as the scent of pumpkin and cherry punch. Leaflets are scattered here and there:

"The carnival of fear and horror awaits! Join in the fun and don't forget your treat-or-treat basket!

Here's what you are in for: a heap of goodies, special quests, fights with Spooky Blessings and clashes against frightening new bosses, the Werewolf and Jack-O-Lantern.

Get the Isle Residents’ collection cards and exchange them for points to get a bunch of rewards, including the new legendary unit, the Riding Hood."

The event starts on the last days of October!


Riding Hood

Residents of the capital!

Last night, our city was swallowed up by the Magic Forest. They say that magical creatures dwell within, from unicorns and wizards to a sweet girl in a red hooded cloak... Most of them are harmless. Just watch out for the wizard! The boring old man will make you play chess with him. Oh yes, and be sure to read the warning signs. The Forestlord is putting them up for good reason. The missing travelers are leaving behind too much junk, and he is not a fan of that...

The sign on the edge of the forest reads: "Do not enter the thicket without pies!!!"

Below is a note that looks like it has been scribbled... with a claw? "Make sure they're meat pies!"

This unit belongs to the Technogenic Society faction and specializes in inflicting damage. Its target is the first monster in the wave.

The unit appears in the form of the Riding Hood. When attempting to merge with another unit of the same rank or lower, absorbs it, accumulating a stack for each of that unit’s merge ranks. When first absorbing a unit, the Riding Hood will turn into a Wolf and increase her stats. Subsequent absorptions and stacking will increase the Riding Hood's various stats, with up to 9 stacks. Getting a 10th stack will briefly boost the unit, after which the unit will return to its normal state. When a unit is eaten by a Wolf, all Riding Hoods on the field generate mana.

Keep in mind that Riding Hood units cannot be eaten by a Wolf.

Unit Talents:

  • With level 9 talents, the unit can generate more mana or increase damage for units on the field
  • With level 11 talents, the unit can stun an opponent or has a chance to lose negative effects
  • With level 13 talents, the unit can spook either the opponent’s units, or monsters. Spooking opponents reduces their damage, while spooking monsters weakens their armor
  • Level 15 unit talents give you PIES! A terrible weapon that increases your chance of critical damage

The Riding Hood is a unique guest of the Sinister Party event. This unit will only be available during this update's Festive event. The option to get this unit again will only become available in one of the future versions of the game.



In one of Rhandum Isle's ancient crypts, the crown of a Vampire Lord was unearthed! It grants incredible power to its owner. Those coveting the crown clashed in an intense struggle, and its outcome was a mixed blessing. While the Vampire population has declined somewhat, the surviving creatures now have all-new powers!

  • Level 9 talents allow the Vampire unit to bite other units in the field, which gives them additional power-ups or boosts the Vampire itself
  • Level 11 talents let the Vampire summon bats that drain mana from monsters or steal it from an opponent
  • Level 13 talents convert all Vampire damage into poison damage or weaken bitten monsters
  • With the last talent, the Vampire takes the form of the Vampire Lord, who can summon a Wight into a chain of monsters on the opponent's side. A Wight is a common monster, but with a higher amount of health. It moves slowly and speeds up neighboring monsters

Portal Mage

A Portal Mage is the best choice for those who love throwing parties and have a taste for never-ending fun.

“You shall not pass! And you shall not pass! No one shall pass! Mwahaha!” 
"Somebody tell him that Rhandum Con is over, I wanna go home!"

Change to the basic ability:

The Portal Mage periodically selects a random target and teleports it, along with other monsters, within a small radius. In addition, when merging, it also teleports the first few monsters in the chain. When being teleported, monsters deal area damage to other monsters within a small radius. Bosses can only be teleported once per wave. Any monsters summoned by players can not be teleported.


  • Level 9 talents give the Portal Mage unit a chance to teleport monsters to the opponent's side or increase area damage in the area the monsters have been teleported to
  • Level 11 talents increase or decrease (depending on the side) critical damage dealt to the enemy, or give additional mana after killing the teleported monster
  • Level 13 talents weaken or strengthen teleported enemies, depending on which side they're teleported to. Monsters may also be linked together, so that any damage received by a monster is shared with all others in the chain
  • The last talent unlocks the chance to summon a Portal Healer from another dimension on the opponent's side. When a Portal Healer dies, it restores half of the surrounding monsters' lost health within a small radius


The career ladder keeps climbing to new heights! 10 new chapters of Career Quests have been added!

Each chapter consists of 10 quests to challenge experienced players. Rewards for completing quests include gold, hero and equipment fragments, unit cards, and other essential resources.

When you complete each new chapter, you will receive high-value rewards, such as Faction Cores, Crystals, Magic Dust, and Essence!

Among other improvements, we have adjusted existing career quests, due to their difficultly levels being poorly balanced.

P.S.: The conditions for quests that are currently in progress may be subject to change.

In some cases, the following may happen:

  • If the quest's progress is greater than or equal to the new requirements, the quest will be automatically completed, and you will be able to collect the reward.
  • If the quest's progress is below the new requirements, then your progress will cross over to the new quest. All you have to do is to complete it
  • All previously completed quests will remain finished


Starting with the update 22.0, leadership will be transferred automatically. If the clan leader has not been active for more than 28 days, leadership is transferred to an active clan member of the highest rank. If there are several suitable candidates of the same rank, then clan leadership is transferred to the person who has been in the clan for the longest amount of time.

*Transfer will begin immediately along with the update's release (server installation).


Challenge of Seven

  • Opponent selection is now better at accounting for players' current ranking
  • Fixed a bug when sorting participants in the event window

Counterspell Enchantment

  • Fixed a bug with Counterspell displaying incorrectly when triggered. Triggering the Counterspell would cause a delay that was not visible to the player. Because of this, it seemed as if the Counterspell was not working correctly.
  • Added visual effects for selecting a target before Cleansing
  • Changed the effect icon to better match the visual display


The Counterspell is designed to get rid of negative effects, including the abilities of bosses and mini-bosses applied after death, which have a slight delay so that you have time to protect your unit from being hit. Because of this, it may appear as though the enchantment only works on "clean" units, because when a boss is killed, a target with any negative effect (including a temporary negative effect, e.g. a Dryad's slowing) is selected. We have added a visual effect before applying the enchantment to improve understanding of its mechanics. The logic has not changed, however.

Dragon Rift

  • Added areas with new modifiers: "Out of Luck", "Dragon Shield", and "Lightning Quick"!
  • Special types of battles, "Uncontrolled", "Caravan of Mana", "Sea Horror", "Explosive", "Race", and "Miniatures", are now also adapting to your progress
  • Added additional seasonal quests to fight dragons
  • Added a "Collect All" button for Dragon Pass rewards



  • Attack interval has been increased: 0.6s → 0.7s
  • Damage bonus during Mana Power-up now depends on the unit level
  • Before: 100% for all levels → 
    Now: 40% at level 7 + 5% per level (80% at level 15)


  • Now has a 50% chance of working


Adding area attack and reducing the cooldown for Mana Power-ups significantly increased the Monk's win percentage at all levels. It also improved playability and expanded the ability to use the unit's mechanic. Also, at a high level, a full field of Monks makes for a stagnant game where you don't do anything except tap the Mana Power-up button now and then. At lower levels (7, 9, 11), talents allow you to defeat other units with enviable frequency.

These changes are intended to keep the unit mechanics easy to use, while reducing unit strength in order to balance the Monk against its class peers.



Icy Breath

  • Duration has been reduced: 4s → 3s


  • Duration has been reduced: 8s → 6s

Ice Shield

  • Duration has been reduced: 8s → 6s
  • Armor increase has been reduced: 60% → 40%

Cold Blood

  • Effect duration increase rate has been reduced: 50% → 33%


After the Cleansing effect weakened and the buff effects of support units leveled out, the negative effects of Frost would have too much influence on the opponent's field. Frost and Summoner are currently the support units with the highest win rate (over 55%). The idea with reducing the duration of negative effects was to compensate for previously made changes.

Sea Dog

Powder Keg

  • Delay before the keg explodes has been reduced: 2s → 1s

Cursed Treasure

  • Paralysis duration has been reduced: 4s → 3.5s


Having the Sea Dog in your deck is one of the most aggressive game strategies right now. At the same time, this unit requires a high level of movement on the battlefield and is quite difficult to play properly. We're slightly reducing the effectiveness of ghosts, since weakening Frost also affects the Sea Dog's stats (win rate over 55%).

Reducing the delay before the Powder Keg explodes makes using this talent a bit smoother.

Blade Dancer

  • Unit damage at level 7 has been increased: 215 → 275
  • Damage bonus when leveling has been decreased: 21.2% → 20%
  • Damage at level 15 has been increased: 1001 → 1183

Floral Frenzy

  • Before: Damage increase by 1% up to 30 times → Now: Damage increase by 1% up to 50 times (the 0.6% bonus after 50 times remains unchanged)

Blooming Dash

  • Before: Damage increase by 0.5% after 50 times → Now: Damage increase by 0.75% after 50 times

Elegant Parry

Mechanic has been changed:

  • Getting flowers or moving Dancers has a 35% chance of removing negative effects, and increases own damage and the damage of neighboring units by 10% for 10 seconds

Dance of the Wind

  • Damage from Tornado has been reduced: 400% → 350%


The Dancer significantly lags behind competitors, especially at lower levels. Improving the unit's stats and the effectiveness of its talents is designed to bridge this gap. Taking the growth of the base stats into account, we're slightly decreasing the Tornado's damage so it stays at the same level, the rest of its buffs included.


One with the Nature

Mechanic has been changed:

  • Before: If more than 10 spirits have been accumulated, then the use of replacements increases or decreases crit monster damage, but no more than once every 10 seconds → Now: If more than 10 spirits have been accumulated, each spirit obtained increases or decreases crit damage (increases crit monster damage on your side, decreases crit monster damage on the opponent's side)


The Summoner continues to be a leader in win rate among support units used in aggressive decks. The talent's effect can be utilized by tapping a button at the right time, and its usability, from our perspective, is at odds with the effect's strength. We're keeping the talent's strength, but we're changing its use conditions.


Burning Comet

  • The chance of an orb appearing has been decreased: 40% → 35%

Magma Surge

  • Damage from missing health has been lowered: 25% → 15%


With games becoming shorter and monster health increasing, the Meteor with the Burning Comet talent started defeating other units more often, even as it significantly lagged behind the opponent in terms of critical damage. Slightly lowering the talent's effectiveness is intended to balance this situation, and we'll continue to closely monitor the Meteor's effectiveness in the future.


Stunning Shot

  • Stun duration when killing a boss has been reduced: 6s → 4s
  • The visual effect of shots has been simplified


The Stunning Shot talent can disable the opponent's entire field if there are enough Sharpshooters. We're slightly lowering the stun duration when killing a boss.


  • Base damage at level 7 has been increased: 125 → 162
  • Damage bonus per orb has been reduced: 35% → 25%


The latest changes to the Banshee significantly increased its stats, but using the unit effectively became harder at lower levels, when accumulating orbs is difficult because of the time it requires. The unit's base damage has been slightly increased, and the bonus from orbs has been lowered so that the overall damage when 10 orbs have been accumulated remains practically unchanged. At level 9, therefore, the unit will be a bit more effective, but higher level players will see no significant changes.

Knight Statue

Sharpened Spear

  • Bonus after 50 charges has been reduced: 0.8% → 0.2%

Covenant of Veterans

  • Bonus after 50 charges has been reduced: 0.8% → 0.2%


The introduction of new mechanics allows you to accumulate a higher amount of charges for the Statue, significantly increasing its effectiveness in longer games. We're weakening the bonus after accumulating 50 charges, which will not affect the effectiveness of this unit in most decks, but will add challenge to battles lasting 15-20 waves.

Changes under discussion

In this version, we've changed and weakened the most aggressive game strategies or especially strong (Monk) units. This helps compensate for the weakness of other strategies aimed at staying on the field for a long time. That's why there are no changes in this version related to the Inquisitor, Knight Statue (at lower levels), or any other units. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will make the appropriate fixes as needed.