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The New Year festivities are nigh! On December 22nd, the Isle of Rhandum will be inundated by the atmosphere of magic. Play snowballs, unwrap gifts, fight the Snowman and the mean Krampus. The fun daily modifiers will bring you more of the bright emotions and help you feel that winter cheer!

Gather the collectible cards of the Isle’s denizens! There will be 3 collections in total, each with 6 thematic cards of monsters, units and heroes. You will be receiving these for completing quests, in the Winter Holiday carousel rewards or, with a particular chance, as rewards for fighting in PvP or Co-Op. The collections are exchanged for Sweet Candies, and they can be assembled an indefinite amount of times.

Sweet Candies will allow you to collect the rewards of the Festive Pass. Inside it, you may find many useful resources: fragments of heroes and items, faction cores, essence, and also the new Legendary unit – the Genie. Besides, we have prepared the festive Emoji, frames and avatars for everyone!

Be sure to test your luck at the unique Winter Holiday Carousel! The grand prize is the new Legendary unit. To spin the Carousel, you will need the Cookies. These may be found in the Festive Pass, or by performing event quests, or else by purchasing them from a merchant. Every spin will bring you closer to a guaranteed reward – the new Legendary unit!

And don't forget to visit the dedicated event shop – you will find a lot of interesting stuff there. The Genie is there, of course, but also magic crystals, magic dust, or even universal cards for different collections!

To participate in the event, you need to reach Arena 4.
The event will last for 14 days.


Here comes winter... the time of wonders and magic. A snowstorm has brought in many exotic items from all over the world. While we were sorting the gifts - and getting tangled in festive ribbons - the isle's citizens found an old lamp. When it was shaken, indistinct muttering was heard from inside, and sand came from the nozzle.

A long, long time ago the Magic Council has imprisoned a powerful creature inside; he was gaining power and yearning ever more for revenge... but now its time has come! Meet the Genie on the Isle of Rhandum!

The Genie's spells can warp space and literally flatten enemies. And the power of his magic grows manifold through special rituals.

The Genie’s Talents:

  • Talents of Level 9 will make the Genie able to appear on the battlefield in one of two forms: the Genie Sultan – a sage increasing damage of other Genies, or the Ifrit – a fiery spirit that can sacrifice himself by dissolving into flames to empower allies.
  • Talents of Level 11 will allow the Genie to encase a unit in a lamp and turn it into another Genie, or to be cleansed of spells cast by other magical beings.
  • With the talents at Level 13, the player will be able to choose between improving the Genie's basic attacks, or his magical abilities.
  • The talent at Level 15 will allow using the Genie's destructive power twice: one click, and the enemies will get splattered!

If you want to learn more about our guest, please visit our New Year party. You won’t be left without gifts, that’s for sure!

The Genie is the event’s unique guest. As of this update, he can only be obtained during the Festive event. Methods of receiving the unit in a different way will appear in a subsequent version of the game.


With this update, the line of Battle Pass rewards will become shorter – instead of 103, it will have 75 levels, but will retain all the primary bonuses received. In this case, the Premium part of the pass will be divided into 2 parts: if you are not sure that you will have time to complete the BP and use it to its full potential, you can use a simpler and cheaper option that gives access to the first half of the rewards, then upgrade it and gain access to the rest of the rewards.

The repeating bonus chest will no longer be endless: it can be collected 10 times. The contents of the chest will also change – it will contain the most necessary things: gold and magic dust.

Many people have accumulated rare and epic heroic tokens. Now they can be exchanged for random fragments of heroes of the corresponding rarity when the Battle Pass is active.

Additionally, players sometimes cannot obtain the Harlequin and the Dryad, though these units are the key support for many decks. From now on, it will be possible to buy them in the seasonal store with rune keys, but only once. They will be available for purchase to those who do not have the corresponding level 15 unit yet.


We love our game and want it to get better and better for many years. To achieve this, we have planned a lot of changes, for all players from newcomers to the most experienced users (in the future).

First of all, the changes will affect the early game. We want to make it easier for beginners to get acquainted with the game mechanics and generally speed up their progress:

  • Unlockable units will be redistributed across Arenas. Some legendary units will be unlocked after the transition to League 1, as a result of which it will be easier to get the necessary unit when moving to a new Arena, because the list of available options will be shorter.
  • Talents for the common, rare and epic units will be available at earlier stages of the game:  
    - For common units: the talents of the first circle will be available at level 5, the second at level 8, the third at level 11  
    - For rare and epic units: first circle talents will be available at level 7, second circle - at level 10
  • The cost of Ascensions for them will also be reduced, both in gold and in cores
  • Some common, rare and epic units have received stat and talent changes to better suit the current state of the game (you can learn about this in the Balance Changes section)
  • Ranking rewards within Arenas have been updated to become more in demand, and you may now choose one of 2 possible rewards (cards of one or the other unit)

We are confident that this will improve the first experience of newcomers and allow them to progress faster. And adding a unit which allows them to diversify their decks will make it even more interesting.

The Kingdom of Light has an epic addition! Meet the master of disguise and imitation: the Clown. When merging with another unit, he has a chance of copying it. The copy has reduced damage, just like the Harlequin’s. On failure, the Clown generates mana, then loses a Merge Rank and gets stunned. This guy refuses to be friends with Harlequin, they don’t get along in character. If you put both in your deck, then the Clown will appear angry upon summoning, and the chance of successful copying will be 0%.  
You can get it like any other epic unit.


We have big plans to change the mechanics of the Clan Wars for several updates ahead! We’ve started out by removing the dependence of selecting opponents on their progress in the PvP rating.

Now, the opponents who will be selected for you in the tournament will be closer to you in strength.

Over the past year, the number of different events has increased significantly. Some overlap each other. Most recently, the Rhandum League tournament was added. One might want to take part in all the activities and collect rewards everywhere, but how to fit everything in?

After looking at this situation, we decided to reduce the number of sandals in the Clan Tournament by 2, and recalculate points for Plunder and Daily Battles. To achieve each stage, you will need less points. This will allow you to conclude the tournament faster and spend less time playing battles, but now, you need to choose every next action wisely – plunder the enemy or play the daily battle. The number of available plunders will also decrease; you will only be able to plunder your opponent once a day.  
The clan boost bonus will remain unchanged.

Other changes

  • Reputation for winning a battle in the Clan Tournament is now given for participating in any Clan Tournament battle
  • In the Daily Battles, armored enemies now appear from wave 3 on, the maximum damage reduction is now 50%
  • Windows for sandals, cards and wings are now made to a single standard
  • Sands of Time counter is now show in in the Clan Tournament window
  • Fixed the scrolling in the attack history window
  • Disabled the daily battle modifier Starfall.


A new section of the game that appears in this update. It includes the ability to watch streams, relevant YouTube videos, battle history and viewing the battles in the Rhandum League event!

The Rush TV section will be available in the side menu and contains:

Events tab  
It will be available during the Rhandum League and will consist of three subsections:

  • one will contain streams and other videos related to the event
  • in the second one, you will be able to watch the Rhandum League event battles in real time
  • the third will contain the history of past Rhandum League event battles

Live tab  
It will contain Twitch streams and battles of your clanmates, which can be watched in real time.

Video tab  
Here you can find the latest Rush Royale-themed videos.

Battle History tab  
The Battle History section, which was previously located in the main game menu, will be moved here.

We also have good news for our Content Creators. With Rush TV, you will now be able to distinguish them from other players. Content Creators will be able to receive unique rewards in the game, and their profiles will have links to their channels with even more Rush Royale content.


More ratings

The additional rating event has been changed and improved so you can reach new heights! The event will be starting immediately after the season change and last for a longer time. The maximum bonus rating value will be increasing – depending on your results in the previous season: 50 for each League from 4th to 10th, up to 600 (up from 300).


Changed the level at which talents become available for common, rare and epic units:

Common units

  • First Ascension: Lvl. 9 → Lvl. 5
  • Second Ascension: Lvl. 11 → Lvl. 8
  • Third Ascension: Lvl. 13 → Lvl. 11

Rare units

  • First Ascension: Lvl. 9 → Lvl. 7
  • Second Ascension: Lvl. 11 → Lvl. 10

Epic units

  • First Ascension: Lvl. 9 → Lvl. 7
  • Second Ascension: Lvl. 11 → Lvl. 10

Talents are a notable change and improvement to the gameplay. Making the access to them easier allows learning new mechanics earlier. However, certain units also needed the balance changes described below. Most of these are aimed to increase the demand for units and make using them in early game easier.


Cold Mage


  • The talent is now available with the first Ascension, and also deals additional damage equal to the Cold Mage’s attack

Cracking Ice

  • The talent is now available with the first Ascension

Flash of Frost

  • The talent has been changed. When merging, the Cold Mage attacks slowed monsters, stunning them for 1s and dealing 1000 damage (the damage increases with merge rank)

Deep Freeze and Fierce Cold

  • These talents are now available with the third ascension


The basic mechanic is improved. Repeated hits against the enemy will now inflict additional damage.


  • Initial damage increased: 98 → 100
  • Damage increase per level is now more efficient: 12.8% →14.5%
  • Damage increase for mana power-up is now less efficient: 75 → 60

Wild Hunt

  • The talent is now available with the first Ascension. Killing a boss or mini boss not only summons a boar now, but also grants a trophy that increases the boar’s health by 4%

Large Prey

  • The talent is now available with the first Ascension. Now every trophy increases the unit’s damage by 4%; after receiving 60 trophies the bonus decreases to 1%

Poaching and Sudden Shot

  • These talents are now available with the second Ascension


  • Area damage is increased: 30% → 50%

Keen Eye

  • Additional crit chance is decreased: 12% → 10%

Hunting Season

  • The talent is now available with the fourth ascension. Now, the Hunter’s merge rank has a 20% chance to be increased when killing a boss or mini boss


  • Damage at first level is increased: 40 → 70
  • Damage increase per level is now more efficient: 14% → 16%
  • Damage for mana power-up is increased: 80 → 90

Smoke Bomb

  • The talent has been changed. The smoke now shields all adjacent units from negative effects with a 30% chance. For Rogues, the protection chance is 100%

Vigor Bomb

  • The talent has been improved. It now affects all units on the field, and the Rogues gain double bonus as well

Giant Spikes

  • The talent has been improved. The duration of spikes is increased: 6s → 10 s.

Slug Spikes

  • The talent has been improved. The duration of spikes is increased: 6s → 10 s, the damage increase is now more efficient: 30% → 50%



Gift of the Heavens

  • The talent is now available with the first Ascension. The tile has a 30% chance to be created after a Priestess appears, but only up to twice every 20s. The mana bonus for merging while on the tile is increased: 250 → 300

Holy Water

  • The new talent is available with the first Ascension. When merging, the Priestess tosses a bottle of holy water at monsters, decreasing their armor by 30% for 15s.

Prayer for Two

  • The talent is now available with the second Ascension. The chance to receive double the amount of mana is increased: 15% → 20%

Morning Prayer

  • The talent is now available with the second Ascension. The amount of mana is increased: 30 → 40

Sisters in Faith

  • The talent has been changed. The candles now increase the damage by 16.5%, the bonus after receiving 100 candles is 1%

Power of Light

  • The talent has been changed. The damage dealt by the Priestesses when one of them receives mana is now increased by 150% per rank

Bolstered Faith

  • The talent has been improved. The speed bonus lasts longer: 5s → 6s.


  • Damage against bosses for mana power-up is increased: 30% → 50%

New Foe

  • The talent is available at first ascension and changed. The crazy shooting mode grants 50% area damage to the Sharpshooter, and activates against mini bosses for 4s.

Explosive Rounds

  • The talent has been changed. When in the Crazy Shooting mode now, the Sharpshooter reduces enemy armor by 1%, up to 50%

Stunning Shot

  • The talent has been changed. The number of targets is now increased every two merge ranks


  • The talent has been changed. The Sharpshooter now fires shrapnel when a boss or mini boss appears, and periodic damage from it is equal to 100% of the Sharpshooter’s attack

Rifled Barrel and Aimed Shot

  • The talents are now available with the third Ascension and improved. They are now made to affect mini bosses as well, and the crit bonus from Aimed Shots is increased: 30% → 40%


  • The rate of damage increase for the unit’s merge ranks is now more efficient: 50% → 100%
  • Damage increase: 48% → 50%
  • The rate of damage increase with unit level-up is now smaller: 6% → 5%
  • Damage increase with mana power-up is now more efficient: 40% → 45%


  • Damage per level: 13% → 15%
  • Damage with mana power-up: 50 → 40

Searing Sparks

  • The talent has been nerfed. Now the sparks deal: 250% → 200%

Fiery Sparks

  • The talent has been nerfed. Now the sparks deal: 10% → 8%


Cold Elemental

Now it attacks the first target and deals increased damage to slowed targets. Has a chance to release Crystals at several slowed monsters; the number of targets depends on the merge rank. At the same time, the crystal no longer does area damage and does not paralyze targets, but inflicts increased damage. Other stats have also been changed:

  • Attack interval is reduced: 1.5 → 1
  • Base attack damage is increased: 50 → 95
  • Base attack damage increase with mana power-up is now more efficient: 20 → 50
  • Crystal damage: 50 → 191
  • Crystal damage increase with mana power-up is now more efficient: 25 → 50


  • Base damage is increased: 84 → 90
  • Bonus damage after mana power-up is increased: 45 → 50
  • Damage increase with levels: 11% → 14.5%
  • Now attacks +1 additional target for merge rank. The lightning strike now deals the same amount of damage as the primary attack


  • Base damage is reduced: 139 → 100
  • Damage for mana power-up is increased: 45.5 → 50
  • Attack interval is reduced: 1.6s → 1s
  • Always attacks a random target now. Gains area damage if there is an odd number of Pyrotechnics on the field. The damage is increased by 30% for every merge rank. These bonuses do not apply if there is an even amount of Pyrotechnics

Wind Archer

  • Damage increase for mana power-up is now more efficient: 30 → 35


  • Base damage is increased: 39 → 50
  • Damage increase for mana power-up is now more efficient: 32 → 50
  • Instant kills have a 30% chance to summon a ghost to the enemy’s field. The chance is increased by 1% per level
  • Increased bonus chance for instant killing with mana power-up: 0.35% → 0.5%
  • Chance for instant kill with unit level-up is decreased: 0.2% → 0.15%

Trophy Skull

  • The talent is now available with the first Ascension. The Trophy Skull increases the damage done by all Reapers by 3.5%, and by 0.3% after 150 skulls

Mortal Harvest

  • The talent is now available with the first Ascension. Chance for area attack is increased: 25% → 30%

Deadly Throw

  • New talent, available at the third Ascension. The attack now has a 10% chance for the scythe to ricochet at a random boss or mini boss on the field.

Walking Dead

  • The talent has been changed, and is available with the third Ascension. Now it additionally increases the movement speed of Ghosts by 25%, and the chance of summoning them is increased by 50%

Death Wish

  • New talent, available with the fourth ascension. Merging the Reaper now increases the attack speed of other Reapers by 25% for 10s.


  • The attack interval will now be reduced with the increase of the unit’s merge rank: 0% → 20%


High Arcanist

  • Damage for every charge up to 500 is reduced: 2.5% → 2%
  • Damage for every charge after 500 is increased: 0.25% → 0.4%


Sea Dog

Cursed Treasure

  • The number of Ghosts is reduced: 2 → 1, and after 20 treasures: 3 → 2

Explosive Surprise

  • The number of bombs is reduced: 3 → 2
  • Delay before blasts is increased: 2s. → 5s.

Playing at high levels together with Frost, Summoner and Necromancer will make the enemy field freeze for quite a while. This kind of deck becomes extremely irritating, leaving the opponent playing against it with very little chance.

Demon Hunter

Absorption of Evil

  • Bonus after 90 spheres is reduced: 1% → 0.5%

The Absorption of Evil talent is noticeably more popular than the Twilight Hunting talent, and has great potential at high levels. We want to make these talents more similar in effectiveness so that the players might use both variants of gameplay equally.


  • Base damage is reduced: 37 → 33.59
  • Damage increase with unit level-up: 20% → 21.7%

Furious Brotherhood

  • Clover damage bonus is increased: 7.5% → 10%

After being changed, the Bruiser has started to lag behind other units at high levels, so we are increasing his damage, as well as slightly enhancing his less popular talent of the first circle, Furious Brotherhood.

Knight Statue

Hold the Line!

  • Critical damage increase: 10% → 15%

Stone Legion

  • Critical damage increase: 0.7% → 1%

Soul of a Warrior

  • Base throw interval: 10s. → 5s.
  • Interval decrease per neighbor: 2s. → 1s.
  • Armor reduction: 20% → 25%

Starting with the second ascension, the unit started appearing weaker than other support units. These modifications serve to increase the unit’s potential and give it more capabilities to rival the Enchanted Sword and the Witch.


Multiple Summoning

  • Chance of the Oracle appearing: 25% → 30%

Enhanced Summoning

  • Chance of the Oracle appearing: 25% → 30%
  • No longer summons a unit or activates other talents when using Replacement

The Enhanced Summoning talent was giving too much of an advantage to the Summoner’s owners because effects were triggering constantly and the unit was appearing when pressing Mana power-up, in addition to great control over the field. The effectiveness has been decreased, while the chance of gaining an Oracle has been increased for both talents of the first circle.


  • Base damage increased: 45.3 → 57.9
  • Damage increase per unit level-up is now more efficient: 15% → 16,5%
  • Mana power-up: 80 → 90

After a series of changes, the unit has become noticeably weaker. We want to increase the interest for this unit, so we’re increasing the damage it deals.

Riding Hood

  • Mana for every merge rank of the Hood above the first: 40 → 20
  • Damage for mana power-up is reduced: 99 → 70

Wolf’s Nature

  • The mana production is increased: 25% → 50%

Alpha Wolf

  • Damage increase, up to 50 charges, is now smaller: 0.6% → 0.4%
  • Damage increase, after 50 charges, is also smaller: 0.2% → 0.15%

The Riding Hood is one of the strongest and most popular units at every upgrade level. Defeating it is possible, if difficult, and only with certain decks. Reducing the damage for mana power-up was aimed at weakening the Hood at low levels, while the decrease of mana for high merge rank and Alpha bonuses does the same at high levels. At the same time, we’re making the Wolf’s Nature talent more powerful to partially offset the nerf. With the strengthening of other units, we count on the situation to be much improved now.


Gift of the Raven

  • Damage increase from power-up: 15% → 10%

A witch with the Gift of the Raven talent far exceeded other support units. As a result, at high levels only the decks capable of using this unit were remaining. We’re reducing the damage bonus from this talent to increase the diversity of decks being played.



  • Epic: the duration of stun is decreased: 15s. → 4s.
  • Legendary: the duration of stun is decreased: 20s. → 8s.

After the Mermaid has been changed, this enchantment started strongly influencing the chances of winning. Half the wave time under stun? Not that good. And when a “toxic” deck is used in battle, dealing damage becomes far from easy.