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In this update, we’re continuing our efforts to make battles shorter. To this end, we’re increasing the health of monsters in PvP, starting with Wave 10, as well as making balance changes to units and a hero. These alterations are only a part of changes related to the battles’ duration that we plan to implement in the future.




The unit’s mechanics have been changed.

  • Nasty Bombs no longer deal damage in proportion to the enemy’s current health. Instead, they now always inflict critical damage and, with each explosion, increase all damage dealt by the Corsair’s bombs.
  • Corsair's Mana Power-Up has been replaced with a special ability. When it is activated, Nasty Bombs start moving towards the portal with the monsters. Repeated use makes the bombs stop moving.
  • Nasty Bomb now deals a specific amount of damage: 2,5% current health → 700
  • Explosive trap damage has been reduced: 501 → 351
  • Explosive traps now deal bonus damage depending on the unit’s merge rank: 0 → 35%
  • Bonus damage per unit level from explosive traps has been reduced: 12.8% → 12%
  • Nasty Bomb throw chance has been reduced, and it no longer depends on level: 15% → 10%
  • Explosive traps now last longer: 30 s. → 60 s.


Percentage damage is one of the reasons why battles may end up long and tedious, lasting up to an hour. Therefore, we have completely revised the mechanics of the Corsair and decided to alter the damage types of his bombs. Now, he will have better synergy with damage-boosting support units, which opens up new gameplay strategies, and the new mechanics of controlling the bombs will make gameplay more varied.



Burning Comet

  • The Comet’s explosion radius has been reduced: 400 → 250
  • Percentage damage from the Comet has been reduced: 20% → 15%

Magma Surge

  • Damage from the monsters’ missing health has been increased: 15% → 17.5%


Portal Mage

  • Range of teleporting monsters during unit's attack is now smaller: 35 → 30
  • Number of monsters teleported at merging the unit has been reduced: 4 → 2


The Meteor and the Portal Mage are two more of the units that have issues similar to those of the Corsair – long battles with the damage dependent on the percentage of the monsters’ health. Since the monsters’ health is increased – starting with Wave 10 – these units become incredibly powerful, simply leaving no alternatives to the players.




  • The Major Experiment ability's hit radius is now smaller: 200 → 150


The combination of a Portal Mage and Mari’s Major Experiment ability allows to get a strong advantage by holding monsters with absorption and teleportation, as well as stockpiling mana. This ability also proves to be very strong in decks with a Meteor, due to the latter’s special gameplay mechanics.