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The Harlequin is a master of impersonation, hailing from the Isle’s dark lands. By day, he is performing before the public, bringing fun and joy to those dwelling on the outskirts, and come the dusk... he is mastering new techniques.

A talented pretender is simply obliged to have unusual abilities. The Harlequin will turn the world upside down! Be ready!

Level 9: The Harlequin is giving you a challenge! If you complete his task, you will receive boosts for all of your units. Alternatively, he may become a Changeling with the ability to copy another unit... and return to his own guise!

Level 11: The Harlequin’s manipulations can increase the strength of your units, or make completing the task easier.

Lever 13: New tricks! The most dangerous enemies will get a hammer to the head, and cunning tricks may scare them mute.

Level 15: After getting the final talent, the Harlequin reaches the apex of his craft, and his abilities to copy other units are expanded.

They say there’s a Harlequin chest on sale in the store!


Tesla’s scientific labor is finally concluded! The new invention has replaced obsolete equipment. As a result, the good doctor has become considerably stronger – and totally ready to storm the ranks of top decks!

Initial unit stats:

  • Initial damage is now higher: 60.4 → 72.6
  • Damage increase with Mana Power-up is now smaller: 50 →35
  • Damage per charge is now higher: 97.8 → 100.5
  • Damage per charge with Mana Power-up is now smaller: 40 → 35
  • Attack interval is now shorter: 0.7 s → 0.6 s


Level 9: Talents allow increasing the damage output by putting Teslas in a chain, or condense charges in the Professor form.

Level 11: One of the talents allows accumulating charges more quickly, while another helps with cleansing negative effects when receiving charges.

Level 13: One talent allows increasing damage depending on the amount of charged Teslas, the other grants additional lightning damage.

Level 15: The final talent allows a Tesla of the maximum merge rank to receive an additional charge that increases damage and critical chance.


The next wave of updating the units' visuals! By the way, you may now view them by scrolling one by one, without leaving the unit viewing window. We have also added the option to turn off the animation of using a hero's ability in battle – it is in the Settings.


Clan search improved

The system of searching for clans has been improved: now, clans with active officer staff are recommended.


  • Added the support for YouTube live streams
  • Added the ability to filter videos by selected language

Early game


Most novices, should they run into this boss at the start of a battle, have nearly a 100% chance to be barred from continuing the game. Therefore the Tribunal will no longer appear on wave 2 in PvP modes (both the regular events and the Clan Tournament), due to its disruptive influence on the starting field.


Dungeon mode is available starting with Arena 3, because before that, the players have no time to improve their crit and unit levels enough to avoid having issues in this mode.

Challenge of Seven

  • Now available starting with Arena 4
  • Entering the event now requires confirmation, and its start is no longer a surprise for an unprepared player
  • The reward now depends on the place the player has taken, not on the amount of victories, and it is guaranteed now. However, it is given only to player who have secured at least 1 victory
  • The rewards themselves have been reworked; and the event now yields Faction Cores

Talents of common and rare units

For units of both rarity grades, the gold cost of unlocking talents has been reduced. No Faction Cores are required anymore for Rare units' Ascension either.

Common units:

Level 4: 50 gold

Level 6: 500 gold

Level 11: 5000 gold

Level 15: 10000 gold

Rare units:

Level 6: 500 gold

Level 8: 2500 gold

Level 13: 10000 gold

Level 15: 15000 gold