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A merry festival will be starting very soon on the Isle of Rhandum!

A new event where you will have to face a dangerous boss, Dissonance, and his sidekick – the mini boss called Funky Monkey! Beat the drums, start up the music box – with the new modifiers, you won't get bored!

As a reward, you will be able to receive the most talented legendary unit – the Bard! Complete quests, spin the Music-Go-Round, gather collectible cards – and he will be yours!

The event starts on May 22nd. Everyone’s invited!


The Bards are back! A few years ago, the Isle’s Council ordered the dissolution of the Bards’ Assembly because of one hapless musician who choked at the opening ceremony of the 27th yearly Fat Games. This mishap has caused long-lasting debate about the acceptability (or not) of playing songs at an event where every visitor is obliged to eat something. And now, after three years, the Council has decreed to allow the return of Bards to the Isle, so they might please the good folk with their performances.

The Bard has no classic Mana Power-up. Instead, he possesses two modes which are toggled with a button. The choice of mode affects all Bards. In the Attack Mode, Bards attack the first target, and the projectile bounces to other monster(s) up to 3 times. In the Music Mode, Inspiration is accumulated, while mana is being spent. While in this mode, Bards do not attack monsters.

Accumulating Inspiration increases the Mana Power-up level of the unit. The damage inflicted by the Bard increases in proportion to the Mana Power-up levels accrued while in the Music Mode. When mana falls below a certain value, the Inspiration generation rate slows, and Bards switch back to the Attack Mode.

The power of the music: a novice Bard has a lute – and the ability to weaken enemies with his song, draining them of energy and increasing his own strength.

Bard’s Talents:

  • At Level 9, the Bard broadens his repertoire and starts playing different musical instruments. He will be able to play an accordion or a drum. The former makes him increase the damage dealt by his fellow Bards with lutes. With the drum, however, he will be able to receive more Inspiration or deal more damage to monsters, depending on the game mode
  • Talents of Level 11 allow the Bards to be cleansed of negative effects, or receive extra Inspiration when bosses or mini bosses appear
  • With talents of Level 13, you will have the choice between increasing the Bard’s attack speed or critical damage after he leaves the Music mode
  • The talent of Level 15 will have the Bard learn a piercing sound (which would make a Banshee envious) that deals area damage and increases the chance to inflict critical damage

The Bard is a unique guest at the Festival of Talents event. You will only be able to obtain him during this festive event. The ability to acquire this unit by other means will only appear much, much later.


The vast amount of random events and uncertainties found on the Isle of Rhandum has drawn the interest of Fortuna. She has arrived to the isle in person, so that she might uncover the nature of these anomalies...

Her abilities allow taking one of the units in the deck under her wing, and make it her chosen one!

Hero Abilities: 

  • When the ability is activated, Fortuna tosses a coin on the field. Bouncing off the surface – and units it happens to hit – the coin increases the damage dealt by the chosen units, or grants additional mana and creates a lucky tile to help with progress on your field. For the monsters, however, a coin toss is always unlucky – several of the closest monsters instantly die with every impact
  • At Level 5, increases critical damage for all the chosen units if there are 7 or more of them on the field. The remaining time until the hero’s ability may be used again is reduced when a chosen unit appears
  • At Level 10, Fortuna increases the critical damage of chosen units, but a little luck is needed to attain the maximum possible bonus
  • At Level 15, Fortuna has a chance to toss several coins at once, giving a powerful boost to the chosen units, as well as stunning every monster on the path
  • At Level 20, there is a chance of partially restoring the cooldown of the hero’s ability right after the ability is activated

The heroic item called Lucky Coin makes the hero’s abilities more powerful, and also grants chosen units a chance to be shielded against rank decrease.

The hero will not be available right after the new version is out. We will tell you how to summon her at a later date.


The Clan Boost has been transformed into Premium! It will be available to any player, granting bonuses across the entire game:

  • Receiving ad bonuses without having to watch ads
  • 2x more Battle Pass tokens for PvP and Co-Op, 2x more gold in PvP and 20% more gold in Co-Op
  • Saving trophies 3 times a day when defeated in PvP
  • Access to the premium Frame and Emoji
  • Additional reward for getting in the top three of the Challenge of Seven
  • Increasing the rate of replenishing tokens in the Token Storage by a factor of 2
  • +1 Reputation, which in turn gives additional attempts in Co-Op, Clan Tournament and the Dragon Rift
  • Rewards in the Clan Tournament are increased by 20%
  • Access to the Sands of Time in a Clan Tournament
  • Contribution to the Clan points in event leaderboards is doubled
  • Increased maximum number of tickets replenished in the events: Royal Trials, Mirror Match and Rush for Glory.

Premium can be purchased for the duration of 10 or 30 days, and even received as a reward for gaming activity.

If you had an active Clan Boost before the update, it will be replaced with Premium for the remaining duration of the Boost.


New modifiers for the Daily Battle in the Clan Tournament have been added:

  • Meteor Support: after several unit merges, a meteorite will crash onto the field, aimed at the first monster
  • Scrolls of Summoning: every time you use the spell, it summons a Demon that walks from the gate to the portal. After colliding with monsters, the Demon is destroyed, dealing percentage damage in a small area. There is a chance that a Demon may also be summoned when a hero's ability is used
  • Enemy Reinforcements: a second portal periodically opens on the path, releasing additional monsters
  • Gift of the Heavens: once every few seconds, a power-up drops onto a random tile of the field. Merging on this tile gives mana, after which the tile vanishes
  • Grand Powers: casting spells increases the damage of all units on the field. The bonus stacks up to three times, and is reset when a new wave starts

Clan Сoins will be transferred from bags and chests to the Clan Tournament battles. Now, they will be awarded for victories in Daily Battles and Plunders. The number of Coins in Daily Battles will depend on your Arena. Clan Coins will be awarded for each defeated boss in Plunders.


Rush Quests have been added to the game. They are time-limited quests of high difficulty. Completing these quests will give you valuable rewards – hero fragments.

The quests are personally selected for each player, and if one appears too difficult, you may swap it for another simply by having Premium or watching an ad.


New visuals

New visual images have been added for units: Mime, Pyrotechnic, Witch, Thunderer, Clown, Wind Archer, Ivy, Clock of Power, Gargoyle and Plague Doctor.

Regular events

  • At the start of each day, 5 tickets will be available to you at once – instead of the previously used system of replenishing 1 ticket every 4 hours
  • There are no changes to how you may purchase additional tickets or receive them for watching ads
  • You will now be able to do more battles and receive more rewards without wasting time waiting for tickets to be replenished.

Update availability notification window

  • The game's version, your id and a button to contact tech support have been added to the loading screen




Heroic Item

Divine Power

  • Activation chance with item level is now higher: 1% → 2%


  • Added damage and attack speed bonuses in tiles: 20% base + 2% per level


Equalizing the item’s effectiveness with that of the Necromancer’s Phylactery.


Grave Silence

  • No longer prevents units from merging

Necrotic Incantation

  • No longer activated from several tiles at once.
  • Activation chance is now higher, however: 25% base + 1% per level


With the duration of battles on later waves made shorter, negative effects from the Necromancer’s abilities are affecting the enemy very efficiently, which contributes to the hero being super popular at high crit. The abilities themselves are unchanged, but it will be a little easier for you to counter them.


Crack Shot

  • Maximum armor destruction is now lower: 60% → 40%


Balancing this rare hero's efficiency compared to other rare heroes.



Scrap 'Em All

  • Damage bonus is now lower: 30% → 20%
  • Buff duration is now lower: 15s → 10s

Waste-Free Recycling

  • Mana generation is now higher: 10% → 100%

Acrid Waste

  • Armor reduction is now lower: 13% → 10%


The Scrapper’s talents have made it the strongest support unit at high upgrade levels, almost completely ousting the Dryad. At low upgrade levels, however, using the Scrapper is difficult due to shortage of mana. The changes are meant to make decks more variable at high crit levels, and improve the gameplay when using level 9 talents.


Wrath of the Ancestors

  • Attack speed reduction is now lower: 40% → 25%


With the duration of battles reduced, the talent is now used in most every deck – and influences the outcome significantly. The change is meant to reduce the effectiveness of this talent for decks with aggressive field development strategies.


Circle of Curses

  • Healing in tile is now lower: 100% damage → 50% damage


If a Circle of Curses is set on a tile under a damage-dealing unit, it leads to unfair defeat at the start of a battle (especially for static decks – ones with the Cultist, for instance). The change is meant to reduce the probability of such an outcome – when a battle ends without beginning in earnest.


Electro Chain

  • Damage increase per merge rank in the chain is now higher: 0.8% → 1.2%


  • The talent has been changed. Now cleanses a unit with negative effects when it merges near a Tesla, regardless of the number of charges it has
  • Activation chance is now lower: 30% → 15%, but may now be activated by multiple neighboring Teslas


  • Critical chance bonus now works for every charged Tesla regardless of rank


Tesla is demonstrating good capability at high levels, but falls behind slightly at Ascension levels 1-2. Using the cleansing from the Electrolysis talent was rather complicated, which made the use of the Mermaid hero mandatory. The changes are meant to improve the feel of playing with this unit, while giving the opportunity to use other heroes as well.

Riding Hood

  • Base damage is now lower: 143 → 127
  • Damage bonus per unit level is now higher: 16% → 18%

The damage dealt by the unit at Level 7 therefore remains the same: 404


Weakening the Knight Statuе has had a powerful impact on the effectiveness of decks with the Riding Hood at high upgrade levels. The change is meant to retain the damage of the starting level unit while increasing the base damage at the maximum level by 15%.


Pocket Curse

  • Activation chance is now lower - 20%