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With the release of update 14.0 we’ve made some global changes to the structure of Tournaments.

Tournaments will now be divided into 4 phases, each going on for 1 week: 

In the first week, the players get time to achieve their best possible PvP rating. Then, according to the general rating, the clans will be assigned to divisions. Within these divisions, they meet each other face-to-face in the next phase of the tournament. Important! These divisions will determine the rewards as well as points required to reach the finish line. Before the start of each phase, the clans will be shuffled and the best of them will be rematched within the same division. After this, the rush starts!

  • During the first phase, the Warm-up, the clans have to fight for prizes to win faction cores, defender fragments, clan coins and special expendable spells. These spells can be used during any battle in the tournament: defend your gates, summon an extra mini boss to attack your opponents, or turn their units to stone. These spells and others may also be found in the clan store.
  • Stage I After the Warm-up, all clans stay in the same divisions and continue fighting for rewards. 
  • Stage II In the finals, the clans that finished Stage I in 1st, 2nd or 3rd places will compete in the next division. Those who make it to the Champion Division will receive the most valuable of rewards! The clans that finish in 4th or 5th place or don’t get to the finish line will stay in their divisions, but they will also carry on competing for rewards.

Changes have also been made to the mechanics of defending and attacking. Don’t forget to level up your defending bosses, because from now on they’ll only be protecting you and your victory points! Now you’ll be able to attack specific opposing clan players and plunder tournament points from them, as long as you manage to defend them, of course. If you fail in your attempt and don’t manage to kill any bosses, you don’t get any points - instead your opponent earns points as a reward for successful defense. A special list will tell you who has attacked you since the last Tournament Day update. Then you can plunder them in retaliation. But don’t forget that plundering in retaliation will cost a sandal, just like a normal attack. 

If you have clan boosts, you will hold on to half the points you lose. The attacker, on the other hand, will receive all of the amount plundered! 

After any attack, the player will remain untouched for 60 minutes, with the defense completely destroyed, until the end of the tournament day. All bosses killed are respawned in the next tournament day (when sandals are generated). If you don’t want to wait about for long, you can use a Healing Potion. It can be used to heal bosses, to give immunity for 60 minutes, or to extend current immunity to the same value. It will also restore half of your stolen points from the moment of the sandals upgrade. After the potion is used, it will take time to recharge. 


Deep inside the dungeons underneath the island, the Demonologist has found the ruined temple of the Dark God. He’s locked himself in the library and started studying the ancient folios. Lurking there among the flaming torches and the dust was the forbidden knowledge of demon summoning!

Behold the new talents of the Prince of Darkness. From now on, he can summon the Archdemon and Demonic Hordes too - and he can cast monsters into the darkness, as well as bringing in much more mana for his master. Try out the new powers of the Demonologist in update 14.0!

After upgrading to level 9 and Ascending you can summon the Demonologist to the battlefield, with his Dark Orb. It’ll appear on the unit in play. If the units with the orb are merged, an Archdemon will be summoned with the first talent, and twice the number of ordinary Demonologist monsters will be summoned with the second. The Archdemon will have greater health and will stun several opponent’s units after his death in PvP, whilst in PvE their attack power will be increased.

At level 11, after Ascending the Demonologist’s monsters will bring even more mana or the Prince will share the Dark Orb with his other copies.

At level 13:

- mana received after killing the Demonologist’s monsters will increase in proportion to merge rank. 

- The Demonologist with the Dark Orb also summons Imps, 2 of them for every merge rank of the unit.

The last talent, at level 15, gives the Demonologist with the Dark Orb a chance to send a random monster to the underworld during an attack, destroying it instantly! In PvP, as well as the above, an Imp will be summoned to the side of the opponent. In PvE you’ll get extra mana for killing a monster.


From the depths of the enchanted forest, a new legendary guest has arrived. Meet the sorceress of the Rhandum Isles, the wonderful and horrifying Witch!

The Witch has joined the Magic Council and she specializes in weakening: her ability to curse units will force the opponent to heal the monsters on his side, and in Co-Op mode she’ll help your partner by enchanting his units and thus increasing the damage.

But when it comes to the Witch’s abilities, that’s not all - the talents will reveal the full extent of her potential.

  • A curse or an enchantment will also increase the attack speed of units. There’s also a small chance that they’ll be able to increase the merge rank of units! 
  • A second level of Ascension will unlock the ability to remove negative effects from units and shield them for a few seconds when under an enchantment, while a curse will make it impossible to merge them for a certain period of time. Or you may choose to enhance all the Witches on your field with the enchantment effect, thus replacing the curse effect. The enchantment damage bonus will increase in proportion to the number of Witch merges. The maximum bonus is reached after 100 merges.
  • At the third level of Ascension the Witch will be able to create a Magic Circle tile on your field or your opponent’s. With one talent, the tile will be created on your field and will bring in mana for every merge on that tile. Merging a unit on a tile will move the circle. With another talent, a circle will be created on the field of your opponent or your ally. Units standing on the tile will receive a curse effect in PvP or an enchantment effect in PvE and in combat during the Tournament.
  • With the latter talent the Witch will start to heal enemy monsters during merging in PvP and to inflict damage as a percentage of the target’s current health in PvE or in battle during the Tournament. Healing and damage will grow as the unit merge rank increases!


While working on this game aspect, we aimed to solve several important tasks at once:

  • Reduce the number of fights against strong opponents for beginners who just got into the Leagues
  • Avoid making the search for battles more difficult and prevent decreasing the value of upgrading units for experienced players
  • Reduce the number of connection problems (which depended on the match's specifics, among other things)

In the 14.0 Update we introduce the Player Combat Score concept. This score will be the sum of your stats. Your opponents will be picked according to your Combat Score. This minimizes the chances of beginners running into experienced and hard opponents.

We will keep a close eye on how the new matchmaking system works, and will update and improve it if necessary.



Demon Hunter 

With so many changes to gameplay, in its current form this unit couldn’t find a place in the decks of players. We have therefore decided to change the Demon Hunter. In 14.0 this unit’s basic abilities have been changed, but the goal of obtaining a higher merge rank has been retained:

  • The unit attacks the first few targets equal in number to the merge rank: one target on first, seven targets on seventh.
  • The unit with the highest rank inflicts greater damage: the higher the rank, the higher the boost. If there is more than one Demon Hunter of the highest rank on the battlefield, then they all receive the boost.


Our statistics show that players list the Cultist among the most popular units. We’re certainly glad to see him becoming a favorite after so many changes have been made, but still this growth in popularity means its starting to overshadow the other units and to exceed all of our balance criteria. Based on the reasons described above, we’ve therefore decided it’s time to weaken Cultist a little:

  • Initial damage per level is now lower: 160-736 → 160-700
  • Bonus chance of critical damage in phase 2 from merge rank is now increased for lower numbers: 5-20% → 5-17%

Blade Dancer

The Blade Dancer, like the Cultist, is one of the most popular units among players. Although the Dancer’s level of popularity is in line with our criteria, we’ve decided to slightly weaken the bonus damage she gains from the number of units on the battlefield so that players will give more consideration to other units as well. To compensate, we’re increasing bonus damage from a smaller number of Dancers on the battlefield:

  • Bonus damage from several Dancers is now lower: 135-400% → 150-366%


Over the past few updates we’ve noticed that there’s been a drop in the popularity of the Inquisitor. In response to this, we’ve decided to give the Inquisitor a slight buff by simplifying their damage set. We hope that this change will add to the Inquisitor’s popularity points:

  • It now takes 23% less attacks to achieve the maximum damage boost.

Plague Doctor

We decided to give this unit a slight buff so that it can become a bit more competitive and emerge in the decks more often:

  • Initial damage per level increased: 48-143 → 52-180

We’ll carry on monitoring the positions of units in the game and you’ll probably see more changes in future updates.


We’re also continuing to work on talent balancing - we’ve got some more changes for you in this update:


  • Overtime talent: the chance of a part being dropped when the boss appears is now higher, 25% → 35%
  • Progress talent: new properties added. With the Progress talent, merging engineers causes a part to be dropped.


You’ll now be able to share your achievements with your clan in the game. Have you upgraded a unit? Have you bought a clan boost? Maybe you’ve reached a new league or you’ve leveled up in the Dungeons? Then you can show off your achievement and your clan mates can get a nice bonus!

Dungeon Bosses in PvP

The Virus and Assassin bosses have been added to PvP. They will be found in battles starting from Arenas 7 and 9 respectively.

Duration of Seasons

Each new Season will now start at the same time as the Tournament preparation stage and will last for 28 days. 

New modifier for Tournament of Clans

Chaos Storm: Every 10 seconds two lightning bolts will strike the battlefield in succession: a red one and a blue one. The red lightning brings down the merge rank of a random unit with the highest merge rank, and the blue lightning raises the merge rank of the random unit with the lowest merge rank. The shield against negative effects does not protect against either of these lightning bolts.

Event Store Reward

In the Mirror Match and Rush for Glory events for the first 50 positions on the personal leaderboard, we’ve replaced the hero fragment rewards with chests giving a choice of reward (legendary unit of the event or hero fragments).

New Legendary Unit Chest

Starting with this update, whenever a new legendary unit is introduced, a unique chest will appear in the shop, available for 3 days. There will be an increased chance of getting a new legendary card in this chest, and 10 chests will guarantee that you get one. Please note that you’ll only see the chest if the corresponding unit is available to you based on your the Arena level.