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After analyzing the matchmaking system changes made in Update 14.0, we’ve made a few adjustments. They include changes in how sensitive the system is to combat results: it had been set too low, which meant players could face a rather lengthy series of difficult matches. We’ve also increased flexibility of combat score evaluation. This, combined with the changes in sensitivity mentioned above, should make it easier to find more suitable opponents.

As well as this, we’re bringing back the display of combat participant rankings: you can see them in the introduction window at the start and in the results window at the end.

We’ll continue to monitor the matchmaking system and we’ll be making more changes in future updates if necessary.


We’ve fixed the damage bug and looked at the stats that we have for the unit in the game. As a result, we’ve decided to strengthen this unit by improving her mechanics.

The Demon Hinter now attacks a number of targets first that is equal to the her merge rank. If the number of shots is higher than the number of targets, then the remaining projectiles will be distributed among the available targets, starting with the first and continuing in order.

Demon Hunters get a damage bonus for each merge rank of other Hunters on the battlefield. When the total sum of Demon Hunter merge ranks reaches 40, they get an extra damage buff.

In addition, the Demon Hunter’s looks change as she gains merge ranks:

  • 1-9 merges – armed with a dagger and has no hood. Attacks with throwing daggers
  • 10-24 merges – armed with a crossbow and wears a hood. Attacks with arrows
  • 25-39 merges – armed with two crossbows and wears a hood. Attacks with arrows
  • 40+ merges – assumes a clawed demonic form. Attacks with claw projectiles


  • We’ve fixed a bug that was causing players to see the wrong number of points before applying a healing potion, which meant that the number of points restored was different to the number displayed;
  • We’ve fixed a bug that was causing the healing potion to replace the shield that should have lasted for the rest of the tournament day with a 1 hour shield;
  • We’ve fixed an issue with reduction of multipliers when a player fell into a ranking lower than their league;
  • We’ve fixed clan boosters functionality when defending against plundering;
  • We’ve fixed various issues in the Tournament interfaces.


For owners of Android devices, the size of the app to be downloaded from Play Store, has been reduced to less than 100 MB, without affecting ability to start the game. All the missing files for the full experience will be downloaded when the app is launched. This change will mainly be noticed by new players, or those who reinstall the game.