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The ranking line-up takes a leap forward - six new leagues are waiting for you in this update!

This will mean your opponents will be distributed more evenly across the rankings and there will be new rewards coming to the strongest players!

Stand out!

When you reach League 10/13/16, you’ll receive the unique visuals - an Insignia of Contender/Champion/Legend, to accompany you into battle - and beyond! And the top 100 players in your ranking will also receive special Legend Crowns to distinguish them from others.

Level up and improve!

As you move up in the new leagues, you’ll receive Champion Medals, a currency that you can use to buy items in the special Shop, available to players with a rating higher than 7000.

In the Shop you can find:

- fragments of Heroic items (you can use them to upgrade existing Heroic items);

- a page from the Book of Secrets;

- a chest of Cores of your choice;

and other items.

There’s a limit on how many purchases you can make, but the counter is reset with each new season.

Once you reach League 16, you’ll gain access to an additional 5 crystal trades at the Magic Lab of the League.

Lead your clan to victory!

The game has a new mechanic – Supplies. This allows you to receive Spells for the Tournament, if there are Contenders/Champions/Legends in your clan. These players will also stand out visually and you’ll immediately be able to see who’s who!

There will be a bar filling up with rewards displayed in the members tab:

- For every Contender in your clan, there will be 1 point added to the bar;

- For every Champion, 3 points will be added;

- For every Legend, 10 points will be added.

Once the clan has accumulated a certain number of points, all clan members will be able to collect this reward by clicking on it in the clan chat.

Besides, with this update, the Clan Leaderboard will be formed according to the sum of trophies won by all clan members. It will be reset at the end of the season. All clans included in this leaderboard will be rewarded with personal and clan frames for the player’s profile.


The Technogenic Society factories have been upgraded and new models of Robots have been brought into operation.

Meet the Robot talents on the battlefield!

  • ️With level 9 talents, when merging, the Robot will fire rockets which damage and slow down the monsters on the field, or stun enemy units.
  • With level 11 talents, there is the chance of getting a Robot with a special Light Bulb! When merging, this type of Robot will increase the number of rockets fired by all the Robots, increase the attack speed and yield extra mana.
  • With level 13 talents, the Robot can increase the number of merges to 60! Now merges will increase the damage inflicted by the Robot and its missiles even more, and one of the talents will allow you to replace an area attack with rockets being fired instead, transforming your Robot into a genuine rocket launcher.
  • This talent will not only give the Robot a whole new look, but it will also have the new form for 30 merges. In this form, the Robot will fire a shattering laser, inflicting increased damage on bosses and mini bosses, and will also increase the number of Robots with a Light Bulb on the battlefield.


A wanderer has arrived in the Rhandum isles, his path inextricably linked to the power of the elements and a sense of balance in mana. Meet the Spirit Master!

This unit has joined the Forest Alliance faction and specializes in inflicting damage. Unlike other units, the Spirit Master has 11 levels of mana power-ups! Each level will increase the damage inflicted by the unit, as well as its critical damage, but there will be a time limit on these effects and the cost will vary.

The Master’s talents will also allow him to call upon the spirits of the elements and make use of their powers!

  • With the first talents, the Master will be able to summon the power of the element of water, restoring the mana spent on mana power-ups or increasing the merge rank of one Master on the battlefield with certain levels of mana power-ups.
  • With level 11 talents, he can summon the power of the element of earth, casting stones at enemy units or monsters on the battlefield to stun them.
  • With level 13 talents, the Spirit Master can call on the power of the element of fire, or storm power. When the Spirit Master obtains the power of the element of fire, he will take on a fiery form, obtaining an area attack. When he obtains storm power, however, the Spirit Master will have higher attack speed on bosses and mini bosses and will be able to reduce negative effects on himself.
  • This talent will not only change his appearance, but will also give the Spirit Master a higher chance of critical attack with every level of mana power-up.

Feel the power with the Spirit Master!


The update adds an extra box to player profiles, so that you can see which decks they’re using for PvP, PvE and Clan Tournament play and then copy the one that you want.

During the copying process, the other player’s deck will replace your current deck, if you both have the same units. If you both have the same hero or equipment, they will also be selected. Otherwise, your current hero or equipment will be used instead of the missing ones.

The set talents will also be copied if they are already available to your units.

Please note! It isn’t possible to copy the deck of a player who has a different version of the game. Update your version of the game and wait for the player concerned to update their version of the game.





This is currently the most popular unit, ahead of many others in terms of win rate. For this reason, we have decided to make the Cultist slightly weaker when the unit is obtained, but to strengthen them as the levels increase. The effectiveness of this unit at entry level will fall, but it will increase as his level rises.

  • Level 7 attack: 160 → 110
  • Damage bonus with level is now bigger: 20% → 28%
  • Mana power-up now increases damage by a smaller amount: 60 → 50


The most recent balance changes weren’t sufficient to return the Inquisitor to her former glory. So we’ve decided to change her parameters, with a focus on bonus damage and on damage with increasing levels and mana power-ups. This means that the unit will be significantly more effective at low levels and will not increase so much at high levels, where the Inquisitor remains a strong unit.

  • Level 7 attack is now slightly weaker: 156 → 127
  • Damage bonus with level has been increased: 20% → 23%
  • Damage with mana power-up has been increased: 40 → 60
  • Maximum increase in damage is now bigger: 500% → 600%
  • Rate of damage acquisition increased by 26%

Demon Hunter

A recent change to the mechanisms for this unit has made her much more popular and increased her win rate, but many players have found it difficult to understand how close they are to obtaining the Demonic Empowerment. A Demon Hunter merge rank total indicator has now been added to the mana power-up button in combat. It has also been decided to weaken the Demonic Empower slightly for better balance between the unit and other units that specialize in inflicting damage.

  • Demonic Empowerment is now slightly weaker: 100% → 75%


The statistics show that this unit has a higher win rate in arenas and among players with low critical damage, but it is significantly less popular among the higher ranked players and among the players with higher critical damage. We have therefore decided to reduce the attack score at low levels, but with an increase in the bonus as the level goes up. This means that the unit will be less effective at low levels and significantly more effective at higher levels.

  • Level 7 attack is now slightly weaker: 134 → 112
  • Damage bonus with level has been increased: 21% → 28%
  • Damage with mana power-up has been reduced: 35 → 30


This unit is one of the few that inflicts damage based on the health of the target, and remains useful with any wave of monsters. Based on the win rate and the duration of matches with this unit, it has been decided to reduce the proc rate of the Nasty Bomb. This will help to make the game more balanced in battle with other decks.

  • Reduced Nasty Bomb throw chance bonus per level: 1,5% → 1%


One of the strongest units with talents at the moment. After looking at his current position in the stats, we decided to reduce the unit’s damage slightly, at all levels.

  • Level 7 damage has been slightly reduced: 208 → 197
  • Level 7 damage per charge has been slightly reduced: 265 → 250
  • Damage bonus with level has been increased: 21% → 20%
  • Damage bonus from charge with level has been slightly reduced as well: 21% → 20%


  • His projectile now takes longer to reach the target



Since Meteor’s talents were introduced, the unit’s abilities have developed significantly, with the result that it has gradually emerged as one of the top units with the highest win rate. After studying the stats, we have decided to balance out Meteor’s talents a little, for a better balance with the other units.

  • Fiery Bolide: meteorite damage bonus is now slightly smaller 0.7% → 0.6%
  • Burning Comet: blast radius increased by 20%
  • Shards of Destruction: chance of explosion is now slightly smaller 5% → 4%

We are still monitoring the situation of the legendary and non-legendary units in combat, and working to improve the balance of the game and keep ensuring that it’s exciting to play. You can expect more news as we approach the next release date!


Updates for Clan Tournament!

Now you’ll be able to get a high score and take a lot of points from your opponents. You’ll only be able to attack once a day, so you need to prepare well! As before, looting will cost sandals and it won’t be available on day one of the tournament.

Other changes:

  • Extra Spells for Champions in clans
  • The attack history window now provides more information about loot and about the effectiveness of your defenses

Royal Trials

New legendary unit - Spirit Master!

Added a chest, from which you may randomly receive:

  • Robot
  • Spirit Master
  • event coins

Technical Upgrade

  • Gam performance with a large number of some units on the battlefield.
  • CPU loads reduced in combat has been improved.

Arabic localization added